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Are you looking for the best tyre manufacturing company in India for your vehicle? If so, MRF is one of the most famous brands in India and provides the best quality tyres for its customers. We have provided the latest MRF Tyres Price List with the current rates for you to check.


Madras Rubber Factory, also known as MRF Tyres, is the largest tyre manufacturing company in India, headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The company produces a range of rubber products including tyres, treads, tubes, conveyor belts, paints, and toys. They offer 48 different models of bike tyres, 46 different models of car tyres, and 26 different models of truck tyres, in sizes ranging from 173 for bike tyres, 281 for car tyres, and 54 for truck tyres.

MRF Tyres manufactures tyres for a variety of vehicles including passenger cars, tractors, light commercial vehicles, two-wheelers, trucks, buses, off-the-road vehicles, and aeroplanes. Some of the company’s most popular tyre models include the MRF Zapper S and MRF Zapper Q for bikes, the MRF ZVTV A4 and MRF ZVTV A1 for cars, and the MRF Super Miler 909 for trucks.

Awards and Recognition

  • They won the JD Power Award for the 11th time in 2014.
  • MRF was ranked 48th among India’s most trusted brands.
  • They also won the All India Rubber Industries Association’s (AIRIA) award for ‘Highest Export Award in Auto Tyre Sector.
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MRF Masseter-X Price List

Tyre SizeTypePrice
MRF Masseter-X 80/90 R18 M FXTubelessRs.1415
MRF Masseter-X 140/70 R17TubelessRs.4250
MRF Masseter-X 120/80 R17TubelessRs.3550
MRF Masseter-X 80/90 R17 M FXTubelessRs.1410
MRF Masseter-X 100/90 R18TubelessRs.2415
MRF Masseter-X 100/90 R17TubelessRs.2420

MRF ZLX Tyre Price List

Tyre SizeTypePrice
MRF ZLX 155/65 R14 75STubelessRs.2800
MRF ZLX 155/80 R13 79TTubelessRs.2850
MRF ZLX 165/80 R14 85TTubelessRs.3439
MRF ZLX 145/80 R13 75TTubelessRs.3325
MRF ZLX 185/60 R15 84HTubelessRs.5030
MRF ZLX 175/65 R14 82HTubelessRs.5325
MRF ZLX 155/65 R14TubelessRs.3640
MRF ZLX 145/80 R12 74TTubelessRs.2250
MRF ZLX 155/65 R13 73TTubelessRs.2849
MRF ZLX 175/70 R14 84HTubelessRs.4940
MRF ZLX 165/65 R14 79HTubelessRs.4565
MRF ZLX 165/80 R14TubelessRs.4040
MRF ZLX 175/65 R15 84HTubelessRs.5665
MRF ZLX 145/80 R12TubelessRs.2790
MRF ZLX 155/70 R14TubelessRs.3865
MRF ZLX 155/80 R13TubelessRs.4100
MRF ZLX 155/70 R13TubelessRs.3875
MRF ZLX 155/65 R13TubelessRs.3670
MRF ZLX 165/70 R14 81TTubelessRs.3470

MRF ZVTV Price List

Tyre SizeTypePrice
MRF ZVTV 175/65 R14 82TTubelessRs.4235
MRF ZVTV 165/70 R14 81STubelessRs.2900
MRF ZVTV 195/55 R16TubelessRs.7325
MRF ZVTV 185/65 R15 88TTubelessRs.4299
MRF ZVTV 205/65 R16TubelessRs.6800
MRF ZVTV 175/70 R14 84TTubelessRs.4360
MRF ZVTV 175/65 R15 84TTubelessRs.4750
MRF ZVTV 185/65 R15 88STubelessRs.4750
MRF ZVTV 165/65 R14TubelessRs.3790
MRF ZVTV 185/60 R15 84TTubelessRs.4855

MRF Nylogrip Plus Price List

Tyre SizeTypePrice
MRF Nylogrip Plus 2.75/18TubeRs.1680
MRF Nylogrip Plus 3.25/19NaRs.1750
MRF Nylogrip Plus 3.5/10NaRs.1050
MRF Nylogrip Plus 3.00/17TubeRs.1695
MRF Nylogrip Plus 3/19NaRs.1800
MRF Nylogrip Plus 3/18TubelessRs.1710
MRF Nylogrip Plus 3.00/17TubelessRs.1595
MRF Nylogrip Plus 3.5/19NaRs.1625
MRF Nylogrip Plus 3/18TubeRs.1805
MRF Nylogrip Plus 3/10NaRs.1050
MRF Nylogrip Plus 2.75/18TubelessRs.1540
MRF Nylogrip Plus 80/100-18TubelessRs.1625

MRF ZVTS Price List

Tyre SizeTypePrice
MRF ZVTS 175/65 R14 82TTubeRs.3300
MRF ZVTS 185/65 R14 86HTubelessRs.3749
MRF ZVTS 165/65 R13 77STubelessRs.3315
MRF ZVTS 145/70 R13 71STubelessRs.2960
MRF ZVTS 175/ R14NaRs.4442
MRF ZVTS 185/60 R14 82HNaRs.4000
MRF ZVTS 175/80 R13 86STubeRs.Price Coming Soon
MRF ZVTS 175/70 R13 82TTubeRs.3600
MRF ZVTS 145/80 R12 74STubelessRs.2540
MRF ZVTS 175/70 R13 82STubeRs.3200
MRF ZVTS 155/70 R13 75STubeRs.3295
MRF ZVTS 185/70 R13 86TTubelessRs.4500
MRF ZVTS 185/70 R14TubelessRs.Price Coming Soon
MRF ZVTS 155/80 R13 79TTubelessRs.3320
MRF ZVTS 165/80 R13TubelessRs.3824
MRF ZVTS 205/60 R13 87HTubeRs.5064
MRF ZVTS 185/70 R13 86TTubelessRs.3730
MRF ZVTS 165/80 R15 86STubeRs.4025
MRF ZVTS 165/80 R14TubeRs.2800
MRF ZVTS 145/80 R13TubelessRs.2880
MRF ZVTS 175/70 R14 84TTubelessRs.4000
MRF ZVTS 145/70 R13 71STubelessRs.2780
MRF ZVTS 145/70 R12TubeRs.2795
MRF ZVTS 185/70 R14TubelessRs.3250
MRF ZVTS 185/65 R13 84HTubelessRs.4250
MRF ZVTS 185/60 R14TubelessRs.3930
MRF ZVTS 175/70 R14 84TTubelessRs.3600
MRF ZVTS 175/70 R13TubelessRs.3200
MRF ZVTS 175/65 R14 82TTubelessRs.3400
MRF ZVTS 165/80 R13TubelessRs.2800
MRF ZVTS 165/65 R13 77STubelessRs.2855
MRF ZVTS 155/80 R13 79TTubelessRs.2950
MRF ZVTS 155/70 R13 75TTubelessRs.3035
MRF ZVTS 145/80 R12 74STubeRs.2745
MRF ZVTS 145/70 R12 69STubeRs.2250
MRF ZVTS 155/65 R14TubelessRs.2950

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