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Are you preparing for the UPSC exam? If yes then friends, today I am going to share with you the latest Mrunal Economy Handout Notes PDF Free (BATCH-PCB8) by mrunal Patel sir, and this subject is considered very important for UPSC CSE Exam. If you have Economics as an optional subject in UPSC, then these notes will prove to be very helpful for you in the upcoming Civil Services Mains exam.

ExamCivil Services Prelims & UPSC Mains
Size30 MB
SubjectEconomy (Economics)
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As you all know Economics is a very popular optional subject offered by UPSC in Civil Services Main Examination. Which is one of the most chosen subjects in UPSC by many students. And many of the candidates get good scores in economics.

Mrunal sir has covered the following topic of the economy through the handout 2023 which are money barter to bitcoin, RBI monetary policy, bank classification, NPA Bad loans, Share Market, Insurance pension, Budget up to direct taxes, Budget indirect taxes GST, Budget black money subsidies, Budget disinvestment Deficit FRBM, BOP Currency Exchange.

FAQ: Why your handout crossed 1000 pages, is very bulky.

Ans. Because it covers →

  • Both Prelims and Mains ka maal in one handout.
  • Both Theory and Current ka maal in one handout.
  • Budget, Economic Survey, NITI Reports, Yojana-Kurukshetra Magz’ imp points embedded
  • Government Schemes, Policies, and Apps. Yearbook Info (Ministries/dept) embedded
  • English handout with Hindi translation for important terms
  • Previous Qs for Prelims and Mains are given below topics. (ONLY when Student sees MCQs below
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the topic, do they realize they don’t have to do a Ph.D. So, it’s necessary to add Qs in the handout.

FAQ: How do I revise such a handout quickly for Prelims?

  • for prelims → Factual info
  • for mains → Opinion/analytical/suggestion type info
  • You can highlight using different color pens in Foxit PDF Reader software.
  • Watch the lecture, you’ll get more ideas.

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