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In this post, I am going to provide all aspirants preparing for UPSC and state-level exams with the new NCERT History Books. These books are for UPSC aspirants who want to start their UPSC preparation from scratch, so they can easily begin by reading NCERT books.

NCERT books are available on their official site (National Council of Educational Research and Training) where you can get all books in PDF format for free.

If you are a beginner in UPSC, we suggest and advise you to first read all NCERT books. The reason is that it can strengthen your foundation. Whenever a candidate thinks about preparing for UPSC, almost everyone advises them to start with NCERT books.

Social Science ( Our Past 1)Class 6DownloadDownload
Social Science ( Our Past 2)Class 7DownloadDownload
Social Science ( Our Past 3)Class 8DownloadDownload
India And The Contemporary WorldClass 9DownloadDownload
The Rise Of Nationalism In Europe (Part 1)Class 10DownloadDownload
Story Of Civilization (Part 1)Class 10DownloadDownload
Story Of Civilization (Part 2)Class 10DownloadDownload
Themes in World HistoryClass 11DownloadDownload
Ancient IndiaClass 11DownloadDownload
Medieval IndiaClass 11DownloadDownload
Modern IndiaClass 11DownloadDownload
Themes in Indian History (Part 1)Class 12DownloadDownload
Themes in Indian History (Part 2)Class 12DownloadDownload
Themes in Indian History (Part 3)Class 12DownloadDownload

Why should I Read Ncert for UPSC?

UPSC CSE aspirants are generally advised to read NCERT books before moving on to other UPSC standard books, as NCERT books help build a strong foundation.

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To download NCERT History Books, follow these simple steps: We are providing download links for the mentioned NCERT books in Google Drive format, making it easy to download. Just click on the link, and it will open in a new tab. From there, you can download the given book.

If the download link provided in the post (New Ncert History Books for UPSC PDF []) is not functioning or is in violation of the law or has any other issues, please contact us. If this post contains any copyrighted links or material, we will not provide its PDF or any other downloading source.

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