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Al Qaida Al Nooraniya is a book for beginners to learn Quranic Arabic, is used to teach children how to read the Quran. This book was compiled by Sheikh Noor Muhammad Haqqani. The book teaches the correct pronunciation of the Arabic alphabets, using passages from the Quran. It begins with the Arabic alphabets, showing how they are connected.

What is Noorani Qaida?

Noorani Qaida is such a book, through which any beginner can easily learn Quranic Arabic. Let us now tell you why this book is so popular after all.

  • There are a total of 17 chapters in Noorani Qaida, in which you are taught from basic to Arabic.
  • By this you are also taught Basic Tajweed Rules.
  • This book is specially designed for those known Arabic speaking Muslims who do not have any knowledge of Arabic language.
  • In the beginning you are taught the Arabic alphabet, words and later on reading.
  • Starting with the Alphabet in Noorani Qaida, students are gradually moved from simple to complex, which makes it easy for them to learn.
  • Now the new version of Noorani Qaida Book has arrived, in which you have been given colour code, and can read and understand Arabic letters more easily.
  • All the students who have read Noorani Qaida completely can easily read the Holy Quran easily.

How to read Noorani Qaida?

This question comes to the mind of many students: how do we start Noorani Qaida after all. Because if you are not familiar with Arabic language then you may have to face difficulties. Noorani Qaida was created to overcome this difficulty. Through which you can easily learn Arabic.

First of all you download Noorani Qaida PDF from the link given below. After downloading all the 17 chapters, you start with the first chapter. And give enough time to the chapter. When your first chapter is over, then practice that chapter at the end. Similarly, read all the chapters and practice at the end.

you all can download Noorani Qaida Book pdf from the given link below in different language.

Noorani Qaida PDF Download

Noorani Qaida in English – Download PDF Now

Noorani Qaida in Arabic – Download PDF Now

Noorani Qaida Black and White – Download PDF Now

Hardoi pdfDownload PDF Now


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