Organisation of Commerce and Management (OCM) 12th Commerce PDF

Hello friends, today we are going to share with you Organisation of Commerce and Management (OCM) 12th Commerce PDF as well as information related to OCM which is very important for class XII students of Maharashtra Board.

Organisation of Commerce and Management is a type of subject that is taught to students in the Commerce stream in some high schools in India. This subject is important for students who want to understand the basic concepts of business, as it provides them with knowledge of accounting, finance, economics, and management.

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  • Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • principles of management
  • Human Resource Management
  • marketing management
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
  • Business Laws and Regulations

Now let us know how OCM can be useful for students pursuing a career in business or entrepreneurship. Because it can be very useful for the future of the students to get the basic knowledge and skills in the initial situation.

Business Concepts: OCM provides students with a solid foundation in basic concepts such as finance, economics, and management, which helps them understand the fundamentals of running a business.”

Career Beginning: Through this subject, students are given the knowledge that how to become successful in different fields like business or entrepreneurship. Such as Human Resource Management, Student Marketing, etc.

Own business: OCM can be very important for most of the students who want to start their own business because before starting the business, the student needs to have knowledge about the policies like financial planning and marketing strategy.

All these things are exposed to the students through OCM which provides the student with a strong foundation in business and management, which can be useful for the student to pursue an entrepreneurial career.

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The TV show Shark Tank can be very important for commerce students, especially those interested in entrepreneurship and business. Here are a few reasons why:

The “Shark Tank” show can be important for commerce students, especially those who are more interested in entrepreneurship and business. Shark Tank provides a real-world example of how an entrepreneur pitches his business idea to an investor. Through this show, a student is helped to develop business strategy skills that how an entrepreneur sells his product by presenting ideas.

Balbharati Organisation of Commerce and Management (OCM) 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board

  • Chapter 1 Principles of Management
  • Chapter 2 Functions of Management
  • Chapter 3 Entrepreneurship Development
  • Chapter 4 Business Services
  • Chapter 5 Emerging Modes of Business
  • Chapter 6 Social Responsibilities of Business
  • Chapter 7 Consumer Protection
  • Chapter 8 Marketing

In standard XI you studied commerce and business, forms of business organisations, institutional support to business, management, and business environment. This standard XII textbook takes you further from where you left off in standard XI.

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