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Hi everybody if you found of reading novel and books so today we have brought for you all most awaited and best selling online book of Chetan Bhagat the name of the book is One Arranged Murders pdf which is published by Westland publication if you want to download this book so you can get this book Twelfth Fail Novel | 12th Fail | from the below link.

Summary Of The Book

Keshav has set up an investigation agency with his best friend, Saurabh. Can the two amateur detectives successfully solve another murder case that affects them personally? And where will it leave their friendship?

‘Ever since you found Prerna, I lost my best friend’ is what I told Saurabh.
Hi, this is Keshav, and Saurabh, my best friend, flatmate, colleague and business partner, won’t talk to me. Because I made fun of him and his fiancée.
Saurabh and Prerna will be getting married soon. It is an arranged marriage. However, there is more cheesy romance between them than any love-marriage couple.
On Karva Chauth, she fasted for him. She didn’t eat all day. In the evening, she called him and waited on the terrace for the moon and for Saurabh to break her fast. Excited, Saurabh ran up the steps of her three-storey house. But when he reached …
Welcome to One Arranged Murder, an unputdownable thriller from India’s highest-selling author. A story about love, friendship, family and crime, it will keep you entertained and hooked right till the end.

Review of One Arranged Murders Book PDF

Keshav is a smart intelligent person who doesn’t believe in real love but yes entertains hookups and sleepovers. He puts his heart and soul in the work he does but not under his boss Jacob. Keshav meets Anjali, cousin of Prerna and feels attracted to her but gets warned by his roommate/bestfriend Suarabh as he says ‘ Don’t play with family!’.

The story which develops from the tension- Death of Prerna gets complicated at the death of Aditya. Anyhow, the murderer is the same person and is in the family itself. This is the mystery that Suarabh and Keshav has to solve. Being outsiders it’s not easy for them to indulge into their family secrets and find out the killer, but Saurabh does it for his love and Keshav does it for his friend.

Details About the One Arranged Murders

Book NameOne Arranged Murders
AuthorChetan Bhagat
Pages312 pages

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Chetan Bhagat is the author of eleven blockbuster books. Chetan writes columns for leading English and Hindi newspapers, focusing on youth and national development issues. He is also a motivational speaker and screenplay writer.

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