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GDP• $3.05 trillion, nominal; 2021
• $10.21trillion PPP; 2021
GDP rank• 6th, nominal; 2021
• 3rd, PPP; 2021
GDP growth• −7.3% 2020-21
• 11.5% 2021-22
GDP per capita• $2,191 nominal; 2021
• $7,333 PPP; 2021
GDP by sector (2020)• Agriculture: 16%
• Industry: 25%
• Manufacturing: 14%
• Services: 49.9%
Inflation (CPI)• 5.03% February 2021
Gross External Debt• $558.5 billion 2020
Foreign Reserves$579.285 billion 7 May 2021
Public Debt• 89.6% of GDP 2020 (pre-pandemic level: 72%) → ₹170 trillion
Revenues• 18.08% of GDP 2021 → ₹34.45 trillion
Fiscal deficit• 9.3% of GDP in 2020-21
Labour force• 37.9 Employment rate in 2021
Unemployment• 7.11 percent in 2021

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