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What are Organic Solvents?

Organic solvents are chemical compounds that have a carbon-based molecular structure and are used to dissolve a substance to form a solution. Generally, a solvent is a substance that is capable of dissolving another substance. Also, being carbon based, all these solvents have carbon atoms in the compound structure. On the basis of molecular structures, organic solvents are mainly divided into two parts.

Natural Solvents- These are organic solvents that are obtained naturally by living organisms

Synthetic Solvents- These are organic solvents which are obtained by chemical reaction of organic compounds.

Types of Organic Solvents- On the basis of functional group organic solvents can be divided into different types.

  1. Aliphatics solvents
  2. Aromatic solvents
  3. Carbonyls solvents

Properties of Organic Solvents

Organic solvents are colourless liquids- Organic solvents are colourless liquids and have very low molecular weight.

Organic solvents exhibit a low boiling point- Because organic solvents have very low boiling points, they are highly volatile due to this tendency.

Organic solvents are volatile in nature- Since organic solvents have a volatile nature, these compounds vaporize easily and give off a characteristic odor.

Applications of Organic Solvents- Organic solvents are used in various fields like-
polishes, coatings, as a paint thinner and remover (toluene), as cleaning agents, as an industrial, as consumer degreasers, detergents
perfumes, spot removers, as a nail polish remover (acetone, methyl acetate, ethyl acetate)

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