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Hi, students in this post i am going to share with you all Pesticide Chemistry Notes Pdf For University BA B.SC M.SC College And Others Competitive Examination these notes helpful for agriculture subject you all can get free pdf from the given link below.

What are Pesticide

A pesticide is defined as a chemical agent used to destroy or control pests. The root word is the Latin word “cida” which means to kill.

pesticide use is not just a modern practice (Hayes, 1991). Perhaps the first recorded use of pesticide was around 1550 B.C., when Egyptians used unspecified chemicals to drive fleas from homes.

modern times, however, pesticide use has been much more prevalent, and by 1990, about 300 insecticides were in use.

Types of Pesticides

1. Insecticides – insects

2. Herbicides – plants

3. Rodenticides – rodents (rats & mice)

4. Bactericides – bacteria

5. Fungicides – fungi

6. Larvicides – larvae


• Type of pesticides
• Advantage & disadvantages of pesticides
• Degradation of pesticide
• Microbial degradation of pesticides
• Mode of microbial metabolism of pesticides
• Strategies for biodegradation
• Approaches for biodegradation of pesticide
• Chemical reaction leading biodegradation of pesticide
• Metabolism of pesticides by MO
• Metabolism of DDT

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