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Adobe Photoshop is a software, with the help of which tasks like photo editing and graphics designing are done. Basic Tools, Selection Tools, Painting Tools, Layers and Masks, Filters, and Color Replacement Tools are required to do this type of intense work, and Photoshop Shortcut Keys are used to make it even easier. PDF is being given to you at the bottom of the article.

Adobe Photoshop Shortcut Keys List PDF Download

There are many shortcuts used in Photoshop. Using these shortcuts your editing work becomes even easier. For example, if you want to decrease or increase the size of the brush, then ‘[‘ or ‘]’ is used.

If you want to do a Layer Fit to screen, then Alt + Click Layer is used for this.

Alt+click brush is used to delete the brush.

F7 Shortcut Key is used for Show / Hide Layers Panel. Shift + F6 shortcuts are used for Feather Selection and Shift + F7 for Inverse Selection.

Why should you learn Adobe Photoshop?

You get different types of photo editing software in the market. But Adobe Photoshop is the most used software among them all. It makes you an expert in various types of editing skills like Image Background Removal, Color Correction, Color Grading, Enhancing, Logo Design, Photo Masking, etc.

How to Download Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe provides you 7 days Free Trial Version, so if you just want to download Photoshop to try, then take advantage of Free Trial by visiting

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F1Start Help
F5Show/Hide Brush panel
F6Show/Hide Color panel
F7Show/Hide Layers panel
F8Show/Hide Info panel
F9Show/Hide Actions panel
Shift + F5Fill
Shift + F6Feather Selection
Shift + F7Inverse Selection
Control + TFree Transform
Any selection tool + Shift-dragAdd to a selection
]Increase Brush Size
Alt-click layerFit layer(s) to screen
Control + JNew layer via copy
EnterSelect the first edit field of the toolbar
DDefault Foreground/Background colors
[Decrease Brush Size
{Decrease Brush Hardness
AltChange Cancel to Reset
Control + ZUndo last command
Shift + Control + JNew layer via cut
TabNavigate between fields
Control-clickToggle auto-select checkbox in Options bar with Move tool selected
Ctrl + Alt + PClose all open documents other than the current document
}Increase Brush Hardness
Control + DDeselect selections
XSwitch Foreground/Background colors
Hold down ~ (tilde accent)Toggle between painting and erasing with the same brush
Tab + ShiftNavigate between fields in the opposite direction
Left Arrow (anti-clockwise),Right Arrow (clockwise)Rotate the brush tip by 1 degree
EscapeCancel any modal dialog window (including the Start Workspace)

To download Complete List of Photoshop Shortcut Keys, Click on the link below.

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