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Hello friends, today I am going to give PIQ Form PDF to all of you, if you are preparing for UPSC NDA CDS, then this PIQ Form is very important for you because when you pass the written exam of UPSC NDA CDS then You have to go for SSB interview in which you are given PIQ form after your document verification. That’s why you should know about this PIQ Form, that’s why today I am going to give PIQ Form For SSB Interview PDF to all of you, to download which you click on the link given below.

PIQ form

The full form of PIQ is “Personal Information Questionnaire” in which you are asked some basic questions which are related to your personal life, through these questions, the evaluators sitting in SSB know you correctly, apart from this with the help of PIQ form Your personality is also seen. The Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) Form contains some basic information about Aspirants, like the Qualifications, achievements and family background of the candidate, etc. After clearing the screening test, a candidate is required to fill two copies of the same PIQ Form.

How to fill PIQ form For SSB interview Correctly:

  • First of all, read the PIQ Form carefully after taking full time and then write it.
  • Write in a clean and beautiful way on the PIQ Form and write the things that are asked in the same place.
  • After that fill Education, Qualification, Responsibilities, Hobbies etc.
  • Do not overwrite in any way Whatever is asked about you, fill it correctly and do not give any wrong information.
  • whatever you write you must remember because you can be asked anytime.

Why is the PIQ Form Important?

PIQ Form comes about in your life that you can take such decisions ahead because even after this you are going to become an officer.

If you do overwriting in the PIQ Form, then it shows that your views are not clear i.e. you cannot take the right decision.

Through PIQ Form where it is known that how much qualification you have your hobbies reveal what you’re interested in and what you’re going to do next.

Common Questions in SSB PIQ Form

Your name, your father’s name, total number of members in your household, your place of birth, your interests, your aspirations. Apart from this, you get asked about your early education, your higher education, your friends.

You will get the PIQ Form For SSB Interview PDF from the link given below by clicking on which you can download it.

PIQ Form For SSB Interview PDF

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