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Hello friends, today we are going to share with you Plumbing Materials Name List PDF With Pictures because it is often seen that when we build a new house, we need a lot of bathroom accessories and all these materials. It is very important for us to know that many things come in plumbing materials such as taps, soaps, sinks, drains, sanitary ware, pipes, wall mixers, shower mixers, etc.

Here we are listing some of the brands such as Ashirvad, Apree, Astral, Bravat, Benelave, Capri, Cera, Carnival, Chilly, and Bath Age, etc. of plumbing equipment that can help you change the look of the kitchen in your bathroom. They will give a complete makeover to this area, so to give a new look to your bathroom or kitchen, you can choose the plumbing tools and materials we have written.

What is Plumbing?

Plumbing is a system that transports liquids for a variety of applications such as waste removal, heating and cooling, and portable pipe delivery. Plumbing has used for plumbing fixtures, tanks, pipe valves, etc.

CPVC Pipe Fitting Name

CPVC Pipe Fitting Name

SWR Pipe Fitting Name

SWR Pipe Fitting Name
SWR Pipe Fitting Name



Common Plumbing Materials For Home

  1. पानी टंकी (Storage tank)
  2. पाइप (Pvc,Cpvc,Upvc) 
  3. गेट वाल्व (Valves)
  4. निपल (Nipple)
  5. यूनियन (Union)
  6. नल टूटी लंबा (Long body Cock)
  7. नल टूटी छोटा (Short body Cock)
  8. एल्बो (Elbow)
  9. टी (T) 
  10. क्रॉस (Cross)
  11. सॉकेट (Socket)
  12. ओवरबेंड (Overbend)
  13. रेड्यूसर (Reducer)
  14. एम.टी.ए (M.T.A)
  15. एफ.टी.ए (F.T.A)
  16. साल्वेंट (Solvent)
  17. क्लैंप/क्लिप (Clips)
  18. टेपलोन टेप (Teplon tape)
  19. प्लग (Plug)
  20. Toilet Sheet
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  1. Angle Cock 
  2. Ball Valve 
  3. Bath Accessories
    1. Angel Bear
    2. Curves
    3. Diva
    4. Edge 
    5. Escada
    6. Geometrical
    7. Ocular 
    8. Pebbles
    9. Rectangular
    10. Square
    11. Classic 
    12. Counter Soap Dish
    13. Tissue paper holder
    14. Toilet Brush Holders
  4. Bath Accessories Stand 
  5. Bath Chair or Seat 
  6. Bath Tub Overflow Set
  7. Beer And Beverage Dispenser & Kitchen Accessories
    1. Glass Washer
  8. Body Jet 
  9. Bottle Trap (P Trap S Traps) & Waste Pipes 
  10. Cockroach Traps (See Drainers) 
  11. Connection Pipes And SS Braided Pipes
  12. Drainers And Cockroach Traps
    1. Channel Drainer (Long Drainers) 
    2. Cockroach Traps
    3. Corner Drainers
    4. Drainers 
    5. Tile/Marble Drainer
  13. Fountains
  14. Grab Bars
    1. Handicapped Grab Bar
    2. CP Brass Grab Bars
    3. ABS Grab Bars
  15. Hand Dryers, Hair and Body Dryers 
  16. Health Faucets & Accessories 
  17. Jet Sets 
  18. Lotion Dispensers (Soap)
    1. Counter Top
    2. Wall Mounted
  19. Mirrors
    1. Shaving – Make up Wall Mounted
    2. Shaving / Make Up (Desktop Model)
    3. Sticky Mirrors 
    4. Traffic Mirrors
  20. Plumbing And Accessories
    1. Extension Nipple
    2.  Flanges
    3. Hex Nipples
    4. Thread Seal Tape (Teflon Tape)
    5. Elbow, Tee, Reducer Sockets
    6. Pressure Reducing Valves
  21. Push Cock and Urinal Cock
  22. Rack Bolt
  23. Shower And Rain Showers
    1. Ceiling Showers
    2. Rain Showers
    3. Over Head Showers
  24. Spouts
  25. Towel Warmer (Electric Heated Rails)
  26. Waste Coupling & Chain Plug 
  27. Urinal Accessories
    1. Urinal (Dome) Waste Coupling
    2. Urinal Cock

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