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A port in networking is a logical construct that identifies a specific process or a type of network service. A port is identified for each transport protocol and address combination by a 16-bit unsigned number, known as the Port Number.

The most common transport protocols that use port numbers are the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) require only one port for duplex, bidirectional traffic.

They usually use port numbers that correspond to the services of the respective TCP or UDP implementation.


A port number is always associated with a host’s IP address and the type of transport protocol used for communication, which gives us a variety of information. Unique port numbers are meant to identify specific services so that an incoming packet can be easily forwarded to a running application. For this, port numbers less than 1024 identify the most commonly used services. They are known as well-known port numbers.

Apart from this, port numbers with higher numbers are available for general use. These are known as ephemeral ports. Port numbers provide a multiplexing service for multiple services or multiple communication sessions running on a single network address.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is responsible for maintaining the official assignment of port numbers for specific uses. Although both well-known and registered port numbers have many informal uses in practice. They are used in large quantities.

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The port number is used to determine which protocol the incoming traffic should be directed to and what type of service it should be given. Ports allow a single host with a single IP address to run network services. Each port number identifies a unique service and each host can have up to 65535 ports per IP address.

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