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Love stories around the world are simple. Boy and girl meet. They fall in love. They have good understanding. They make a perfect relationship. In India, It takes something more to be called a perfect relationship. Boy and girl meet. They fall in love. They have good understanding. Boy is ready to marry girl. Girl is ready to sleep with boy. They make a perfect relationship. Welcome to potential boyfriend, a story about vardan Awasthi and Nita hand a. Vardan doesn’t believe in true love. He has had thirteen girlfriends in the past. And the biggest misery of his life is he is still a virgin. He is desperately looking for a relationship where he can get rid of his virgin-tag. His best friends, Segal and Aditi, suggest him to become a potential boyfriend before making a move.

The turning point in his life is when he meets NITs and starts falling in love with her. Will he ever tell her what he feels for her? If he does, will she ever accept him? And if she does, will he ever get what he expects out of a relationship? Will he ever become a potential boyfriend? From the author of bestselling novel ‘I’m an average looking boy…Will you be My girlfriend’ comes another witty tale of love, friendship and romance.

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