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Microsoft PowerPoint is software with the help of which various types of presentations, and PPTs are prepared. And by using pictures, videos, animation, Pie Charts, and Statistics in this presentation, you can make your presentation more attractive. Shortcut Keys PDF is being given to you at the bottom of the article.

Microsoft Powerpoint Shortcut Keys List PDF Download

To prepare PowerPoint slides, you have to use different types of tools. So if you want to make it even easier, then you should know about many Keyboard Shortcut Keys.

Important Uses of PowerPoint

  • If you want to present any kind of presentation in front of your client, then you can prepare slides with the help of Power Point.
  • Any kind of customization can be done with the help of this software.
  • In PPT you can add all types of charts (Pie charts, Flow charts) tables, Images, Data & video.
  • In this, you get different types of animations, with the help of which your presentation becomes even more attractive.
  • Slideshow option is also available in PowerPoint.
  • This is the best medium to present your talent.

As different types of shortcuts are used to make your work easier in Word, and Excel, similarly there are different types of shortcut keys in Powerpoint, with the help of which you can prepare the presentation more quickly.

For example, if you want to create a new presentation or slide, then for this you have to make at least two-three clicks with the mouse, but if you press N or M with CTRL on the keyboard, then your new presentation/slide. will be created.

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Ctrl + S to save the presentation, Ctrl + Q to close, F5 to start the slide show, and ‘Page down’ to go to the next slide.

PressTo do this
Ctrl+NCreate a new presentation.
Ctrl+MAdd a new slide.
Ctrl+BMake selected text bold.
Alt+G, HSelect a theme.
Page downGo to the next slide.
Alt+N, P, DInsert a picture from your device.
Page upGo to the previous slide.
Alt+HGo to the Home tab.
Alt+W, QOpen the Zoom dialog box.
Alt+H, LSelect a slide layout.
Ctrl+CCopy selected text, object, or slide.
Ctrl+ZUndo the last action.
Ctrl+XCut selected text, object, or slide.
Ctrl+QClose PowerPoint.
Alt+NGo to the Insert tab.
F5Start the slide show.
EscEnd the slide show.
Ctrl+SSave the presentation.
Ctrl+VPaste cut or copied text, object, or slide.
Alt+N, S, HInsert a shape.
Alt+H, F, SChange the font size for selected text.

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