Wish I Could Tell You Book

  • Book Name : Wish I Could Tell You PDF Book
  • Author : Durjoy Datta
  • Publisher : Penguin Metro Reads (4 October 2019)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 288 pages
  • Country of Origin : India


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Wish I Could Tell You pdf Book : Can you find yourself after you have lost that special someone?
A disillusioned and heartbroken Anusha finds herself in the small world of WeDonate.com. Struggling to cope with her feelings and the job of raising money for charity, she reluctantly searches for a worthwhile cause to support.

For Ananth, who has been on the opposite side, no life is less worthy, no cause too small to support.
Behind them are teams for whom going to extraordinary lengths to save lives is more than a full-time occupation. In front of them is the virtual world of social media-watching, interacting, judging, making choices, and sometimes, saving lives.

From the virtual to the real, their lives and that of their families, entangle in a way that moving together is the only solution. They can’t escape each other.

Expect a book that has romance at its very core but one that has a lot more to offer than just a regular cliché romance. The book narrates a powerful story in a simple language and is packed with intense emotions, strong characters, highly unexpected twists and an underwhelming but beautiful romance.