Red Ribbon Cakes Price List 2023 PDF

In this post, we will share with you the different varieties of cakes and pastries from Red Ribbon, as well as their price list for 2023 in the Philippines. Since its inception in 1979, Red Ribbon Philippines has been satisfying the sweet tooth of Filipinos with its wide array of cakes and pastries.

The company has become one of the fastest-growing bakeshop franchises in the Philippines, with over 300 outlets nationwide. Red Ribbon Bakeshop is known for its great-tasting cakes and pastries that delight anyone who tries them. With their prominent presence in the country, Red Ribbon cakes and pastries have become a part of every important occasion, from baby showers and birthdays to weddings and corporate functions.

Red Ribbon Cakes Price 2023

Bestsellers & Favourite

Chocolate Dedication Cake₱ 518+
Rainbow Dedication Cake₱ 574+
Black Forest Cake₱ 528+
Triple Chocolate Roll₱ 298+
Chocolate Mousse Cake₱ 574+
Cheesy Ensaimada₱ 45+
Butter Mamon₱ 41+
Moist Choco₱ 37+
Red Ribbon Bestsellers & Favourite

New Products

Chocolate Heaven Cake₱ 1,030+
Creamy Caramel Dedication Cake₱ 689+
Caramel Crunch Cake, Regular Size₱ 862
Tiramisu Meltdown Cake, Junior Size₱ 609
Mango Graham Mousse Cake, Junior Size₱ 574
Asado Bread Rolls 4s₱ 91
Chicken Floss Bread Rolls 4s₱ 91
Spicy Chicken Floss Bread Rolls 4s₱ 91
Happy Birthday Cake Topper₱ 29
Barbie Theme Toppers₱ 58
Hot Wheels Theme Toppers₱ 58
Rainbow Dino Theme Toppers₱ 58
Red Ribbon New Products

Everyday Bundle

Bundle 2 (SAVE ₱19)₱ 344
Bundle 3 (SAVE ₱29)₱ 506
Red Ribbon Everyday Bundle

Pastry Fun Pack

Butter Mamon (Barbie)₱ 207
Cheesy Ensaimada (Barbie)₱ 187
Asstd. Pastries (Barbie)₱ 213
Asstd. Moist Cake Slices (Barbie)₱ 197
Asstd. Chiffon Cake Slice (Barbie)₱ 230
Butter Mamon (Hot Wheels)₱ 207
Cheesy Ensaimada (Hot Wheels)₱ 187
Asstd. Pastries (Hot Wheels)₱ 213
Asstd. Moist Cake Slices (Hot Wheels)₱ 197
Asstd. Chiffon Cake Slice (Hot Wheels)₱ 230
Pastry Fun Pack

Dedication Cakes

Chocolate Dedication Cake₱ 518
Rainbow Dedication Cake₱ 574
Creamy Caramel Dedication Cake₱ 689
Cookies & Cream Dedication Cake₱ 689
Mocha Dedication Cake₱ 506
Dedication Cakes

Speciality Cake

Black Forest Cake₱ 528 +
Chocolate Heaven Cake₱ 1,030 +
Caramel Crunch Cake, Regular Size₱ 862
Tiramisu Meltdown Cake₱ 609 +
Chocolate Mousse Cake₱ 574 +
Mango Sunrise Cake, Regular Size₱ 862
Ube Bloom Cake, Regular Size₱ 781
Chocolate Indulgence Cake₱ 689 +
Cappuccino Creme Cake, Regular Size₱ 862
Mango Graham Mousse Cake₱ 574 +
Speciality Cake

Roll Cakes

Triple Chocolate Roll₱ 298 +
Ube ‘N Cream Roll₱ 455
Mango Roll₱ 386 +
Mocha Roll₱ 386 +
Brazo De Mercedes Roll₱ 386 +
Roll Cakes

Packs and Bundles

Bundle 2 (SAVE ₱19)₱344
Bundle 3 (SAVE ₱29)₱506
Butter Mamon 5s (SAVE as much as ₱10)₱196
Butter Mamon 10s (SAVE as much as ₱20)₱391
Assorted Mamon 5s (SAVE as much as ₱9)₱198
Cheesy Ensaimada 4s (SAVE as much as ₱7)₱175
Cheesy Ensaimada 8s (SAVE as much as ₱14)₱350
Cheesy Ensaimada 12s (SAVE as much as ₱16)₱525
Assorted Cake Slices 5s (SAVE as much as ₱14)₱219
Assorted Pastry 5s (SAVE as much as ₱8)₱202
Assorted Ensaimada 5s (SAVE as much as ₱9)₱242
Assorted Moist Slices 5s (SAVE as much as ₱10)₱186
Moist Loaves 3s₱423
Chicken Empanada 6s₱304
Packs and Bundles


Cheesy Ensaimada₱ 45
Ube Cheesy Ensaimada₱ 57
Classic Bread Rolls 8s₱ 75
Chocolate Bread Rolls 4s₱ 57
Raisin Bread Rolls₱ 57 +
Asado Bread Rolls 4s₱ 91
Chicken Floss Bread Rolls 4s₱ 91


Butter Mamon₱ 41
Cheesy Mamon₱ 43
Ube Mamon₱ 41
Chicken Empanada₱ 52
Cinnamon Roll₱ 57

Cake Slices and Loaves

Moist Choco₱ 37 +
Taisan₱ 37 +
Banana Crunch₱ 44 +
Choco Cake Slice₱ 45
Chiffon Cake Slice₱ 45
Double Dutch Cake Slice₱ 45
Cake Slices and Loaves


Butter Puto 10s₱ 127
Classic Polvoron₱ 160 +
Pinipig Polvoron 8s₱ 95
Macaroons 10s₱ 121

How To Order from Red ribbon

  • To order from Red Ribbon, visit their official website or download the mobile app.
  • Now select the product you want to order, then select the preferred branch for pick-up delivery. Use the locator for delivery near you.
  • Once you have selected the product and branch, proceed to check out.
  • Enter your personal information and pickup details.
  • You can make your payment method by Credit Card Debit Card or Cash on Delivery.
  • Submit your order and wait for confirmation from Red Ribbon.
  • If you choose delivery, your order will be delivered to your specified address at the scheduled time. If you choose pickup, you can go to the branch you choose and pick up your order at the specified time.
  • Enjoy your Red Ribbon Treats!

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