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Rich Dad Poor Dad is written in 1997 by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. In this book, the importance of building wealth has been told from financial literacy, financial education, real estate investing, investing in property, starting a business and teaching financial intelligence.

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பணக்கார தந்தை ஏழை தந்தை

(பணக்கார அப்பா ஏழை அப்பா 1997 இல் ராபர்ட் கியோசாகி மற்றும் ஷரோன் லெக்டர் ஆகியோரால் எழுதப்பட்டது. இந்நூலில் நிதி அறிவு, நிதிக் கல்வி, ரியல் எஸ்டேட் முதலீடு, சொத்தில் முதலீடு, தொழில் தொடங்குதல், நிதி நுண்ணறிவு கற்பித்தல் போன்றவற்றிலிருந்து செல்வத்தை கட்டியெழுப்புவதன் முக்கியத்துவம் கூறப்பட்டுள்ளது.)

Friends, if you also want to become rich, then you must definitely do this book, in this you will get all the information related to finance in easy language and this book has been considered as the best book in the world because it has been told that how you can become rich.

Because a person becomes rich despite being less educated and a person remains poor despite being more educated, that is why in this book you have been told about the steps to be taken by the rich and the poor. .

If you read this book then your perspective of thinking will change and you can do the work which earlier you thought that you will not be able to do so you must read this book.

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