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Today i will share with you Rubik’s Cube Solution PDF. which is free for all. Everyone can download from the direct link given link below.

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How Each Step Works

For Example: B- Twist the Back Face a quarter turn clockwise and Ri- Twist the Right Face a quarter turn counter clockwise. Each step can be used to solve up to FOUR pieces if there are none solved when you start the step.

Please note that these illustrations display a sample of a situation on your cube for ONE of the possible FOUR pieces needing to be solved.

In many cases, you will need to rotate the cube to a new starting face (with red, orange, yellow or white center square) and repeat the instructions in order to place/rotate all of the pieces in that step before moving on.

The end result will only come AFTER all four sides of the cube have been through that step’s sequence and all the pieces are in their proper location and oriented properly to match the surrounding center square colors. As such, you may have to repeat the same step a few times with different sides as the starting face until all the pieces are solved.

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