Rushikesh Reddy Complete Notes For UPSC Mains Exam Rank 95, CSE-2020

Hello friends, today we are going to share with you all UPSC Topper Rushikesh Reddy Notes for the civil services examination which are very important for all students preparing for the UPSC Exam.

Rushikesh Reddy is the topper of the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2019 who secured All India Rank 95 and it was his 5th attempt in UPSC CSE.

Earlier, in his third attempt, he cleared the UPSC exam by getting All India Rank (AIR-374, CSE-2017) where he was selected for the post of IRTS (Indian Railway Traffic Service).

Today we are sharing those notes with you through them, the notes from which they have benefited, they believe that now it is my turn that I can help every single candidate in any way who is preparing for this exam. He has shared all his mains notes (GS) below.

He said that these notes are the work of 5 years of his exam preparation. He has tried to cover all the topics in a better way as per the syllabus and also updated and revised them from time to time. Some of these notes are longer as they have been tried to be made comprehensive and covered by multiple sources so as to cover different dimensions.

He has tried to cover most of the entire GS4 paper and cover all the events in a couple of years. and categorized syllabus-wise into subheadings.

He said that from whatever sources I used to get the material, I used to update it in my notes so that I would not have to revise the material again. I used to revise these answers 1 month before the main exam. I think it will be helpful for the candidates, especially those who are just starting out.

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Complete Notes By Rushikesh Reddy



Minerals and industrial location


Indian History and Post-independence


World history


Indian constitution


Women related issues

International relations

Separation of powers

Constitutional and regulatory bodies

Legislature and executive

RP Act

NGOs, SHGs and pressure groups


Social justice and welfare schemes

Civil services



Disaster Management


Indian Economy


Investment Models

Land Reforms

Liberalisation and Industrial policy

Science and Technology

Security and related aspects


Definitions, Phrases and Examples

Civil services values and Ethics

Probity in Governance

Emotional Intelligence

Attitude and Aptitude

Ethics and Human interface

Quote-based questions

Case Studies

Essay Notes

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