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Hi guys in this post I am going to share with you all Sachin Gupta Anthropology Notes for upsc civil services which are freely available on our website these handwritten class notes are best for upsc cse optional subject if you are interested in upsc so you can download complete pdf from the given link below.

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Anthropology (Human studies) is the logical investigation of mankind, worried about human conduct, human science, and social orders, in both the present and past, including past human species. Social human sciences contemplates examples of conduct, while social human studies considers social significance, including standards and qualities.

Anthropology is one of the most talked about optional subject in UPSC syllabus, from which a major part has also been omitted. Due to the exclusion of subjects like Developmental Anthropology, Ethnicity, Reproductive Biology, Twins, many students take it as their optional subject in UPSC Civil Services Exam.

It becomes very easy to understand Anthropology for students who have graduated from Science. Because this subject is full of science concepts. Due to which the students of science are able to understand this subject easily and also the reading material of this subject is easily available.

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