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The book explains how to heal the body with a plant-based diet without any medicine. There’s a food guide for you. In which book the principles of food are based on the ancient knowledge of our scriptures while the recipes have been made best suited for our busy modern lifestyles. you all download can Satvic book Food PDF from the given link below.

That is, it has been told through the book that by adopting this type of diet and lifestyle, any person can be cured of diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, hair loss, overweight, blood pressure, and other diseases.

Each mode has different characteristics

SATVIC Mode of GoodnessRAJASIK Mode of PassionTAMASIK Mode of Ignorance
Self ControlImpatienceApathy
Non ViolenceUncontrollable desiresIllusion

it’s a good read for someone who wants to start a satvik lifestyle, but not much of food alternatives is been suggested. recipes are good but limited.

The book contains more than 45 plant-based dairy-free dishes prepared by author Subah Jain, including contemporary twists on classic Indian cuisines such as detox salad, healing soup, satvik chapati, satvik khichdi, and satvik vegetable.

All dishes are free from refined oil, sugar, pungent spices, milk, milk products, and processed foods. They are made directly using material from nature, the way you find them in nature. Packed with beautiful photography, The Satvik Food Book integrates traditional healing knowledge with contemporary nutrition science and invites you to change your relationship with food and fundamentally enhance your health, digestion, brightness, and enjoyment.

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Apart from the recipes, the book also contains:

  • 21 Satvic Food Laws (rules to remember while cooking this)
  • Guide to setup your Satvic Kitchen (shopping lists, equipment needed)
  • Meal Plans for disease reversal


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