Shankar IAS Test Series 2024 [Prelims+Mains]

Today we have brought Shankar IAS Test Series 2024 pdf for prelims and mains for those students who want to prepare for the UPSC prelims and mains exam. The preliminary stage of UPSC Civil Services is considered very important. Any student can crack this exam by understanding the facts. Because many toppers believe that you cannot pass this exam only by studying and repeating. Shankar IAS brings to you UPSC Syllabus Synchronized Prelims Test Series which will help you in your preparation for the exam logically.

Due to the huge syllabus of UPSC, students face a lot of difficulties in preparing for UPSC. In such a situation, students start reading the material from different academies. Due to this, your syllabus is not complete. While preparing for UPSC, you must practice the test series because through the UPSC Test Series, you can assess your data and you will also know your weaknesses.

Prelims 2024 Test

Test 6

Test 5

Test 4

Test 3

Test 2

Test 1


Prelims 2023 Test

Prefit Test (21-50)

Test 26

Test 25

Test 24

Test 23

Test 22

Test 21

Test 20

Test 19

Test 18

Prefit Test 20

Prefit Test 19

Prefit Test 18

Prefit Test 17

Prefit Test 16

Prefit Test 15

Prefit Test 14

Prefit Test 13

Prefit Test 12

Prefit Test 11

Prefit Test 10

Prefit Test 9

Prefit Test 8

Prefit Test 7

Prefit Test 6

Prefit Test 5

Prefit Test 4

Prefit Test 3

Prefit Test 2

Prefit Test 1

Prefit Scedule

Test 17

Test 16

Test 15

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Test 14

Test 13

Test 12

Test 11

Test 10

Test 9

Test 8

Test 7

Test 6

Test 5

Test 4

Test 3

Test 2

Test 1


CSAT 2023

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