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Hi, viewers today we are going to share with you all Simpolo Tiles Price List 2023 PDF Full Rate Catalogue. Since the first steps were taken in the year 1977, Simpolo Ceramics has carved its niche as a consistently growing organization with unparalleled innovation and passion rooted in simplicity.

they provide vitrified tile bathroom tile kitchen tile full body tile outdoor tile wall tiles sanitary ware etc.

SIMPOLO is one of the largest manufacturers in Morbi and is known for its extremely high-quality standards.

Digital printing is top class and designing is even better. They innovate a lot and offer customers better products.

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NamePrice (18% GST & Transportation Extra) (Rs/sq. ft.)
Gloss Polished Tiles Tropicana White Vitrified Tiles, Size: 60×60 cm₹368/ Box
Ceramic Gloss Vitrified Tiles, Thickness: 8 – 10 mm, Size: Medium₹90
Simpolo Vitrified Tiles, Size: 1200 X 1200mm₹40
Porcelain Gloss Vitrified Tiles, Thickness: 15 mm₹700/ Box
Ceramic Sega White Vitrified Tiles, Thickness: 15mm₹190
Gloss Glossy Tiles, Thickness: 10 – 12 mm₹40
Vitrified Floor Tile₹150/ Box
Gloss Square Ceramic Floor Tiles, Thickness: 10 mm₹27.5
Glossy Snow white tile, Size: 64*32, Thickness: 10-15 mm₹120
Ceramic Floor Tiles₹75

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