Sivakasi Crackers Price List PDF 2023

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Sivakasi Crackers is the largest fireworks and crackers company in India, known for its high-quality products. The company delivers its crackers throughout the year to the states of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, Telangana, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and more.

Sivakasi Crackers is a leading provider of fireworks and crackers in the industry. We understand the needs of our customers, especially during festive seasons, and therefore, we provide our customers with a wide variety of crackers. We ensure that all our items are properly stored and within the manufacturer’s recommended date. Our motto is to make every festival memorable for you, and we test each of our items before delivering them to you. Our service and product quality have earned us a 4.5-star rating from our valued customers. Our mission is to provide the best quality products to satisfy our customers, offering colorful enjoyment for all functions and festivals.

Complete Price List


Product CodeProduct DescriptionQuantityPricePackaging
WT_001Ground Chakkar – Medium (7 ½”)10 Pcs85.001 Box
WT_002Ground Chakkar – Big (10 ½”)10 Pcs100.001 Box
WT_003Ground Chakkar – Ashoka (21”)10 Pcs190.001 Box
WT_004Ground Chakkar – Deluxe (31”)10 Pcs355.001 Box


WT_0051½’ Twinkling Star10 Pcs95.001 Box
WT_0062’ Twinkling Star10 Pcs120.001 Box
WT_0074’ Twinkling Star10 Pcs265.001 Box
WT_0087” Pencil10 Pcs105.001 Box
WT_0097” Pencil Red10 Pcs110.001 Box
WT_010Coronation Candle Red & Green10 Pcs250.001 Box
WT_011Bharath Jothi10 Pcs385.001 Box
WT_012Electric Diamonds Red & Green10 Pcs75.001 Box


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WT_013Flower Pots – Small10 Pcs140.001 Box
WT_014Flower Pots – Big10 Pcs205.001 Box
WT_015Flower Pots – Special10 Pcs330.001 Box
WT_016Flower Pots – Super10 Pcs420.001 Box
WT_017Flower Pots – Deluxe5 Pcs410.001 Box
WT_018Flower Pots – Giant10 Pcs505.001 Box
WT_019Flower Pots – Special(Red&Green)10 Pcs360.001 Box
WT_020Flower Pots – Giant (3 Colour)5 Pcs375.001 Box
WT_021Flower Pots – Maha2 Pcs305.001 Box
WT_022Flower Pots – Red5 Pcs420.001 Box
WT_023Rectangular Bomb10 Pcs135.001 Box
WT_024Vikrant Green10 Pcs150.001 Box
WT_025Bullet Bomb10 Pcs95.001 Box
WT_026Mr. India – Green/King of Kango10 Pcs235.001 Box
Item CodeDescriptionQuantityPrice per UnitUnit
WT_027Baby Rocket10 Pcs110.001 Box
WT_028Colour Rocket10 Pcs195.001 Box
WT_029Rocket Bomb10 Pcs195.001 Box
WT_030Ganesh Rocket10 Pcs340.001 Box
WT_031Rocket Bomb Double Sound10 Pcs340.001 Box
WT_032Rocket Bomb Three Sound10 Pcs340.001 Box
WT_033Crackling Rocket10 Pcs340.001 Box
Item CodeDescriptionQuantityPrice per UnitUnit
WT_03428 Share150.001 Pkt
WT_03556 Share1100.001 Pkt
WT_03628 Angry Birds175.001 Pkt
WT_03756 Angry Birds1145.001 Pkt
WT_038100 Angry Birds1265.001 Pkt
WT_039Bijili Red50 Pcs75.001 Bag
WT_040Bijili Red100 Pcs150.001 Bag
Item CodeDescriptionQuantityPrice per UnitUnit
WT_04124 Deer Fight1140.001 Pkt
WT_04228 Superman Fight / Take me1145.001 Pkt
WT_04336 King of Cricket1215.001 Pkt
WT_04428 Jungle Fight1115.001 Pkt
WT_04556 Jungle Fight1220.001 Pkt
WT_04650 Trio1300.001 Pkt
WT_0472” We Two120.001 Pkt
WT_0482½” We Two130.001 Pkt
WT_0493½” Lakshmi150.001 Pkt
WT_0504” Lakshmi175.001 Pkt
WT_051Lakshmi Deluxe185.001 Pkt
Item CodeDescriptionQuantityPrice per UnitUnit
WT_052Mini One1175.001 Box
WT_053Nano Three1540.001 Box
WT_054Toy Six11040.001 Box
WT_055Marvel Ten11660.001 Box
WT_056Monster Twenty13320.001 Box
WT_057VIP 5017750.001 Box
WT_058Classic Hits – 5 in 15 Pce605.001 Pack
WT_059Colour Fountain – 6”1 Pce205.001 Box
WT_060Crackling Fountain – 6”1 Pce205.001 Box
WT_061Arc Series (Peacock)1 Pce345.001 Box
WT_062Bow Series (Peacock)1 Pce515.001 Box
WT_063Band Master2 Pce450.001 Box
WT_064Motu Patlu6 Pcs300.001 Box
Item CodeDescriptionQuantityPrice per UnitUnit
WT_0651” Identity (Gold)1160.001 Box
WT_0661” Phoneix Song (Orange)1160.001 Box
WT_0671” Trial Blazers1160.001 Box
WT_0681” White Hot Pain1160.001 Box
WT_0691” Colourful DTS (Multi Colour)1160.001 Box
WT_0701” Dancing Rubys (Red,Green,&Crack)1160.001 Box
WT_0711” Diamond Show (Silver)1160.001 Box
WT_0721” Amber Show (Gold)1160.001 Box
WT_0731” Crystals Show (Multi Colour)1160.001 Box
WT_0741” Emerald Show (Green Balls)1160.001 Box
WT_0751” Ruby Show (Red Balls)1160.001 Box
WT_0761” Super Show (Crackling Eggs)1160.001 Box
WT_077Chit-put (Deluxe)10 Pcs150.001 Box
WT_0781½” Jade Empire3 pcs920.001 Box
WT_0791½” Dancing Cobra3 pcs920.001 Box
WT_0801½” Rising Star3 pcs920.001 Box
WT_0811½” Lightning Fright3 Pcs920.001 Box
WT_0821½” Scorpion3 Pcs920.001 Box
WT_0832” Golden Flames (Golden Showers)1 Pce450.001 Box
WT_0842” Blazing Heavens (White shower)1 Pce450.001 Box
WT_0852” Luminous Showers (Yellow Flower)1 Pce450.001 Box
WT_0862” Wings of Fire (Golden Tail)1 Pce450.001 Box
WT_0872” Goo Goo1 Pce450.001 Box
WT_0882” Green Eyed Monsters (Green Showers)1 Pce450.001 Box
WT_0892” Bloody Blazes1 Pce450.001 Box
WT_0902” Diamond Showers1 Pce450.001 Box
WT_0912” Pink Blazes (Pink Showers)1 Pce450.001 Box
WT_0922” Fallen Angels1 Pce450.001 Box
WT_0932½” Silver Magic (Silver Glitter)1 Pce845.001 Box
WT_0942½” Killer Bees (Red)1 Pce845.001 Box
WT_0952½” Killer Bees (Green)1 Pce845.001 Box
WT_0962½” Ultimate Fantasy (Yellow Glitter)1 Pce845.001 Box
WT_0972½” Dragon Tail (Yellow Tail)1 Pce845.001 Box
WT_0982½” Pyro King Special (White Flasher)1 Pce845.001 Box
WT_0992½” Big Bang Bonanza (White Flickering)1 Pce845.001 Box
WT_1002½” Nightmare (Multi Colour)1 Pce845.001 Box
WT_1012½” Gold Star (Golden Palm Tree)1 Pce845.001 Box
WT_1022½” Ruby Rain (Golden Octobussy)1 Pce845.001 Box
WT_1032½” Hara Rain (Golden & Green Octo)1 Pce845.001 Box
WT_1042½” Wishing Willow (Golden Shower)1 Pce845.001 Box
WT_1052½” Full Mass (Golden Octo Tail)1 Pce845.001 Box
WT_1063” Niagara Falls (Golden Showers)1 Pce925.001 Box
WT_1073” Pink Panther (Pink Shower)1 Pce925.001 Box
WT_1083” Blood Rain (Red Shower)1 Pce925.001 Box
WT_1093” Multi Classic (Multi Shower)1 Pce925.001 Box
WT_1103” Orion Silver (Silver Showers)1 Pce925.001 Box
WT_1113” Sea of Stars (White Showers)1 Pce925.001 Box

Item CodeDescriptionQuantityPrice per UnitUnit
WT_113Hot Stuff (Green Colour Balls)1 Pce525.001 Box
WT_114Masti Magic (Multi Colour)1 Pce525.001 Box
WT_115Disco Light (Red Colour Balls)1 Pce525.001 Box
WT_116Hit Man (White Colour Balls)1 Pce525.001 Box
WT_117Jewel Blast (Golden Colour Balls)1 Pce525.001 Box
WT_118Pyro-Master1 Pce525.001 Box
WT_11925 shots – Citi Channel1 Pce1520.001 Box
WT_12030 Shots1 Pce1875.001 Box
WT_12160 Shots1 Pce2950.001 Box
WT_122100 Shots1 Pce5060.001 Box
WT_123240 Shots1 Pce11300.001 Box
WT_124GIFT BOX – Type ‘A’25 items600.001 Box
WT_125GIFT BOX – Type ‘B’30 items750.001 Box
WT_126GIFT BOX – Type ‘C’35 items1080.001 Box
WT_127GIFT BOX – Type ‘D’38 items1225.001 Box
WT_128GIFT BOX – Type ‘E’45 items1690.001 Box
Item CodeDescriptionQuantityPrice per UnitUnit
WT_129Roll Caps1 Pack100.001 Box
WT_130Colour Matches – Dino 5 in 11 Bag180.001 Box
WT_131Black Serpant Eggs50 Pcs60.001 Box
WT_132MIB (Ring caps)8 x 9 x 5170.001 Box
WT_1337 Cm Electric Sparklers10 Pcs34.001 Box
WT_13410 Cm Electric Sparklers10 Pcs49.001 Box
WT_13512 Cm Electric Sparklers10 Pcs75.001 Box
WT_13615 Cm Electric Sparklers10 Pcs135.001 Box
WT_13730 Cm Electric Sparklers5 Pcs135.001 Box
WT_1387 Cm Glittering Sparklers10 Pcs40.001 Box
WT_13910 Cm Glittering Sparklers10 Pcs53.001 Box
WT_14012 Cm Glittering Sparklers10 Pcs84.001 Box
WT_14115 Cm Glittering Sparklers10 Pcs145.001 Box
WT_14230 Cm Glittering Sparklers5 Pcs145.001 Box
WT_1437 Cm Green Flash10 Pcs48.001 Box
WT_1447 Cm Red Flash10 Pcs52.001 Box
WT_14510 Cm Green Flash10 Pcs62.001 Box
WT_14610 Cm Red Flash10 Pcs71.001 Box
WT_14710 Cm Aqua Blue Sparklers10 Pcs71.001 Box
WT_14810 Cm Pinky Pops10 Pcs71.001 Box
WT_14910 Cm Orange10 Pcs71.001 Box
WT_15010 Cm Multi Mix10 Pcs326.001 Pack
WT_15110 Cm 5 in 1(Gift Box)10 Pcs358.001 Pack
WT_15212 Cm Green Flash10 Pcs90.001 Box
WT_15312 Cm Red Flash10 Pcs101.001 Box
WT_15415 Cm Green Flash10 Pcs160.001 Box
WT_15515 Cm Red Flash10 Pcs175.001 Box
WT_15615 Cm Maya Jal10 Pcs185.001 Box
WT_15715 Cm Versatile10 Pcs195.001 Box
WT_15815 Cm Bouquet Bonanza(Gift Box)50 Pcs940.001 Pack
WT_15930 Cm Green Sparklers5 Pcs180.001 Box
WT_16030 Cm Red Sparklers5 Pcs185.001 Box
WT_16130 Cm Millenium Mix Sparklers5 Pcs185.001 Box
WT_16250 Cm Electric Sparklers5 Pcs430.001 Box
WT_16350 Cm Glittering Sparklers5 Pcs460.001 Box
WT_16450 Cm Mix Trix5 Pcs490.001 Box

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