Sosin Mam Anthropology Class Notes PDF Free UPSC Materials

Are you preparing for the UPSC exam?

If yes then today we have brought for you Target IAS Institute Sosin Mam Anthropology Class Notes pdf absolutely free this UPSC material is for those people who want to choose Anthropology as their optional subject in the UPSC exam.

As you all know UPSC exam is conducted in 3 stages Prelims, Mains, and Interviews. If a student clears the UPSC prelims exam then he or she moves to the next stage mains, in which you have to choose your optional subject in General Studies, here you have a lot of options but the candidate chooses only that subject in which he had studied before.

And if you make Anthropology your optional subject then you have a good chance to score good marks in the UPSC exam because many students choose this subject and also clear the exam with good marks.

What is Anthropology?

The word ‘anthropology’ stems from the Greek words ‘anthropo, meaning human beings or humankind, and “logia’, translated as knowledge of or the study of. Thus, we can define anthropology as the systematic study of humankind.

Historians, Psychologists, economists, sociologists, and scholars in many other fields systematically study humankind in one way or another. Anthropology stands

apart because it combines four subdisciplines, or subfields, that bride the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities. These four subdisciplines – physical anthropology, archaeology, linguistic anthropology, archaeology, linguistic anthropology, and ethnology or cultural anthropology – give anthropologists a broad approach to the study of humanity the world over, both past and present.

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Mrs. Sosin Thayyaba Revella

Founder & Director of Sosin Classes. With a varied experience as a field Anthropologist and India’s renowned faculty in Anthropology, Mrs. Sosin has been guiding the generation of teachers to render the best services to the students in Academics and Competitive Exams.

Sosin mam classes anthropology notes are best for UPSC mains optional subject we have divided these notes into three parts where you can download all parts pdf one by one.

Download PDF Now – Physical

Download PDF Now – Social

Download PDF Now – Tribal

Download PDF Now – Archeological+indian Archeology

Download PDF Now – Indian Society

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