Sriram IAS Economy Notes 2023 PDF For UPSC

in this post i am going to share with you all Sriram IAS Economy Notes pdf free download for IAS exam if you are doing preparation for civil services so these notes gonna be useful for you all as we know economy is one of the best and also interesting subject but not for all guys.

economy is the social activity where people come together to produce stock, distribute, and facilitate consumption of goods and services. this pdf contains most important chapters of of economics.

In the last few years UPSC is paying more attention to Economics, due to which students are also taking economics seriously. In this you will get all the information in the form of a concise book. Which is in a standard book.

About Book Sriram IAS Economy Book

economy notes by sriram ias covers all the important topics which is very important for the candidate. By reading this, the candidate can easily score good marks in the UPSC exam, also Macro Economics is explained in brief in this book. With the help of these notes, you can easily keep in mind all the important topics of UPSC.

Author / InstituteSriram IAS
PaperGeneral Studies
Size67 MB
Total Pages548


Chapter 1: Economy and Economics
Chapter 2: Economic Growth and its Measures
Chapter 3: Growth and Development: Alternative Measures
Chapter 4: Planned Economic Development and NITI Aayog
Chapter 5: Five Trillion Dollar Economy
Chapter 6: Fiscal Policy
Chapter 7: Monetary and Credit Policy
Chapter 8: Money Market and Capital Market in India: Instruments and Dynamics
Chapter 9: Stock Market
Chapter 10: Inflation: Concepts, Facts and Policy
Chapter 11: Taxation
Chapter 12: Public Sector: Evolution, Reforms and Performance
Chapter 13: Balance of Payment

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Chapter 14: Banking System In India
Chapter 15: Bretton Woods Institutions: World Bank
Chapter 16: Bretton Woods Institutions: International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Chapter 17: World Trade Organization (WTO) – I
Chapter 18: WTO and Intellectual Property Rights
Chapter 19: Global Financial Architecture
Chapter 20: Poverty: Concepts, Data, Policy and Anal
Chapter 21: Poverty Eradication and Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs)
Chapter 22: Economic Inequality
Chapter 23: Foreign Trade
Chapter 24: Infrastructure-I
Chapter 25: Infrastructure-II
Chapter 26: Foreign Direct Investment
Chapter 27: Indian Agriculture
Chapter 28: Land Reforms

What is Economy

Economy is the social activity where people come together to produce, stock, distribute, trade and facilitate consumption of goods and services. The entire activity is meant for the market- that is for selling. Goods and services may either be exchanged for other goods and services (barter) as it used to happen as a practice in primitive economies or they are exchanged for money which is the practice for contemporary economies in the world.

Economics as a term comes from Greek- oikos means family, household, or estate and nomos stands norm or law. The origin of the term itself is revealing. Be it household or village or a nation-state, the universally acknowledged reality is that people have limitless needs and the available resources to meet the needs are limited. What is the norm at the micro level (household) is true for the macro economy as well- be it at the national or even global level.


The need for the field of economics as a branch of social science becomes relevant to balance needs with resources. The study of rational management of scarce resources is the substance of economics. Rationality is choosing the right means for the chosen end. Since last century, economic rationality which started with the study of production, distribution, and consumption, has come to include equity and sustainability as well.

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Economic growth is the quantitative difference in the production of goods and services between two points in time. If the difference is negative, it is called degrowth.

Economic development on the other hand qualifies economic growth with development in terms of education, health, equity, and so on.

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In conclusion, Shri Ram IAS Economy Notes provides a comprehensive guide to important topics related to Economics which is very essential for UPSC Exam. These notes cover important topics like fiscal policy, monetary and credit policy, taxation, the public sector, foreign trade, and infrastructure. With the help of the notes, the student gets an understanding of the concept of economy and the need and economic development in the field of economics. Because more attention is given to the economy in UPSC, these notes can prove beneficial for UPSC aspirants.

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