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Surah Al Mulk is the 67th chapter of the Quran, it has a total of 30 verses. All the powers of Allah have been told in this surah.

it is also said that whoever ignores the warning of Allah, yes will go to the fire, that is, they will have to suffer in Hell. In this it is said that the person who recites Surah Al Mulk every night is saved from the tortures in the grave.

You will find Surah Al Mulk Lyrics at the bottom from where you can download full pdf or you can read online.

  • It tells about heaven and hell.
  • The torment of hell is described for the unbelievers.
  • That is, in Surah Al Mulk only the pain of hell has been told.
  • And it has been said to give exemption from punishment to the person who believes in God.
  • If you read these 30 verses carefully then you will understand that in this you have been told about faith that if you have faith in God then your life becomes successful.
  • It is told in Surah Al Mulk that God helps everyone and he does not accept this help which has the provision of punishment

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