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Surah al-Waqiah is the 56th chapter of the Quran, the holy book of Islam, and consists of 96 verses. You will find Surah Al Waqiah PDF at the bottom of this article. The main topic of discussion in the Surah AL-Waqiah chapter is the Afterlife As well as it describes the punishment of hell. Surah al-Waqiah describes three types of classes of people in later life

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Surah Al Waqiah PDF
  • The Foremost
  • The Companions of the Right
  • The Companions of The Left

“The Foremost” and “The Companions of the Right” will both enter Heaven and “The Companions of the Left” will go to Hell.

It states that the person who does good will sit at the right hand of the throne of God while the most important people will get all the facilities and that person will be in a special group.

Whereas those who are knowledgeable of Islam do not know which person is in the forefront, that is, whose place is in all these classes.

Apart from this, the happiness of Muslim heaven has also been described, here it is also said that man should believe in God because his end is certain.

That is, if you read this Surah AL-Waqiah chapter completely, then you will all get the knowledge of all the ways how to get rebirth and in which class God will put him and what work will he have to do, will he go to heaven or hell, it has been discussed

You must read Surah AL- Waqiah because in this you are going to get very good knowledge that is going to be very useful in your life, you will find its link below.

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