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Surah Juma is the 62nd chapter of the Quran, the holy book of Islam, it has a total of 11 verses. In this, orders related to the rules of Juma prayers have been given.

It has been told that when the Prophet had done Jummah on the fifth day as soon as he reached Medina, it is clear from this that the Jummah was established from here.

Surah Juma had two parts at different times

In this the first part is told at the time when all the efforts of the Jews had failed, who had been trying for the past time to block the path of Islam, after the defeat, the Jewish power in Arabia was completely exhausted. That is, in this chapter it has been told about the end of Jewish power, for this God sent Mohammed as his messenger. The Friday prayer is told in Surah Juma

Following is the summary of 11 Verses of Surah Juma-

In verses 1-4, a mighty wise and holy God sent Muhammad as his messenger The end of the Jews is told in verses 5-8 Regarding Friday worship in verse 9-11.

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