Surah Taghabun PDF

Surah At-Taghabun (سورة التغابن) is the 64th chapter of the Quran which consists of 18 verses in total. The word “Taghabun” in Surah Taghabun comes from the Arabic “Taghbun” which means “mutual disenchantment”.

The name is derived from the phrase “Taghabun” in verse 9, “that day shall be the victory of men against each other”. If you want to download the Surah Taghabun pdf, then you can save it in PDF form with the help of the download button given below.

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Surah Taghabun PDF

The surah discusses the concept of faith and the relationship between belief in God and worldly possessions. In this, it has been told that only Allah is everything in the world and no person’s property is permanent. , while faith in Allah is forever.

The sura touches upon the ideas of accountability on the Day of Judgment. How will believers and non-believers be judged only on the basis of their actions in human life. It encourages believers to be patient and steadfast and to seek Allah’s forgiveness.

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