IAS Suraj Tiwari Inspiring Journey: Biography, Marksheet, Strategy, Booklist, Answer Sheet, Rank-917

After the announcement of the final results of UPSC 2022, people are searching for Suraj Tiwari on the internet. Let us explore what makes Suraj Tiwari’s UPSC journey from Mainpuri so special.

A total number of 933 candidates have been recommended for appointment as per the following breakup. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) announced its final results on Tuesday, May 23rd. The stories of the struggle faced by many candidates during the examination are now coming to the limelight. Among them, 26-year-old UPSC Topper Suraj Tiwari, a resident of Mainpuri, is being hailed as an exemplary figure. The circumstances under which he achieved an incredible position, securing All India Rank 917 in UPSC 2022, are truly remarkable.

Despite losing both legs, one hand, and two fingers of the other hand in an accident at Ghaziabad railway station six years ago, Suraj Tiwari, a resident of Uttar Pradesh, has defied all odds. It is his immense courage and unwavering conviction that has propelled him toward achieving this remarkable goal.

Seeing his enthusiasm, people are saluting him, and he says, “Disability is nothing; my courage was to win one day.”

IAS Suraj Tiwari Inspiring Journey

IAS Suraj Tiwari Rank-917

Suraj Tiwari started studying Bachelor of Science after 12th and in the same year in January 2017, he became a victim of a train accident at Ghaziabad railway station. In which he lost both his legs, hand, or two fingers of the other hand. But he still maintained his passion for studies and completed his B.A. in 2021 from JNU, Delhi. After that, he also took an M.A. degree. And in the same year, he also started preparing for the UPSC exam.

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During the interview, Suraj said, “When I came to Delhi to study, I did not know anything about the IAS exam. When I heard about it, I felt compelled to start preparing. In the end, I decided that I would pass this exam, but it wasn’t easy.”

Suraj mentioned that he used to study for 18 to 20 hours every day while preparing for the exam. Paying the coaching fees was not possible for him. He credits his father, Rajesh Tiwari, for his success.

Suraj’s father works as a tailor. He said that he had three sons and a daughter. In 2017, his elder son Rahul passed away. In the same month, his second son Suraj became a victim of a train accident at Ghaziabad railway station. At that time, Suraj was doing a private job while pursuing his second year of B.Sc studies. Suraj’s future was engulfed in darkness due to this accident.

Afterward, Suraj decided to start his studies afresh and he went to JNU for further studies. In 2021, he completed his B.A. from there. after obtaining his B.A. degree, he pursued an M.A. degree. In the same year, he started preparing for the UPSC exam.

And in the UPSC exam of 2022, Suraj Tiwari scored 676 marks in the IAS written examination, 132 marks in the interview, and achieved a final score of 808. Securing an All India Rank (AIR) of 917 serves as a reminder that one’s spirits should be high. When spirits are high, even mountains appear as mere piles of dirt.

Suraj’s Marks

PT Marks132
Total Marks808

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