Symphony Air Cooler Price List 2023 PDF

If you are looking for the best air cooler for your home or office, we have compiled a list of the latest models and prices of air coolers available in the market. Fortunately, Symphony has recently released the Symphony Air Cooler Price List 2023 PDF, which can be a helpful resource for those interested in buying Symphony air coolers.

The Symphony air cooler price list will serve as a guide for those who wish to look at various models, including some of the popular 75L, 40L, and 55L coolers listed below. In addition to these, Symphony has many other varieties of coolers available, such as X and XL models. Whether you are looking for a personal cooler for your home or office or commercial purposes, Symphony has a wide range of options to fulfill your requirements.

Household Air Coolers

Symphony’s household air coolers are designed to offer robust cooling while being affordable and energy-efficient.

Many states in India are experiencing severe heat, especially in South India, where coolers can be very useful in providing necessary relief while consuming low power. Keeping in mind the issue of climate change, these eco-friendly air coolers have been created by collaborating with air-cooling technologists.

Symphony offers a wide range of home coolers manufactured with advanced technologies and equipped with various features. Their coolers are designed to combat climate change and provide affordable home cooling solutions that deliver fresh, healthy air while consuming less power.

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Household Air Coolers Price List

Large Space Coolers

Desert Air Cooler Sumo 75 XL DD₹14,390
Sumo 115 XL Desert Air Cooler₹16,999
Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler₹14,390
Sumo 70 XL Personal Desert Cooler₹10,500
Sumo 40 XL Air Cooler₹6,800
Storm 70i Desert Tower Air Cooler₹16,650
Storm 70 XL Desert Tower Air Cooler₹11,989
Storm C 100i Tower Cooler
Storm C 100XL Desert Tower Air Cooler₹14,900
Winter 80B Air Cooler with BLDC Technology₹17,490
Winter 80XL i+ Desert Cooler₹17,500
Winter 80XL+ Desert Air Cooler₹14,999
Desert Air Cooler Winter I₹13,890
Winter XL
Touch 110 Room Air Cooler₹17,200
Touch 80 Desert Room Air Cooler₹14,550
Room Cooler Touch 55₹13,500
Jumbo 65+ Room Desert Cooler₹10,899
Jumbo 65 DB Room Cooler₹13,340
Desert Cooler Jumbo 45+₹7,500
Jumbo 45DB₹8,500
Jumbo 70 Powerful Air Cooler₹12,141
Desert Cooler Siesta 70 XL₹12,200
Desert Cooler Siesta 45XL₹10,900

Medium Space Coolers

Item ListPrice
Jumbo 41 Air Cooler₹9,000
Touch 35 Room Cooler₹10,350
Touch 20 Personal Room Air Cooler₹10,900
Personal Air Cooler HiCool 45T₹6,990
Hi Cool i – Room Cooler₹10,999
Diet 3D 55B Portable Tower Air Cooler₹13,991
Tower Air Cooler Diet 3D 55i+₹11,991
Diet 3D 40i Tower Air Cooler₹11,491
Diet 50 i Tower Cooler₹10,491
Diet 35T Tower Room Cooler₹8,754
Air Cooler Diet 35i₹9,590
Portable Desert Air Cooler Sumo Jr.₹7,990
HiFlo 40 Room Cooler₹7,090
HiFlo 27 Personal Room Cooler₹6,700
Ice Cube 27i – Home Cooler₹5,900
Personal Room Air Cooler Ice Cube 27₹5,900

Spot Coolers

Item ListPrice
Diet 3D 30B Tower Air Cooler₹11,790
Diet 3D 30i₹10,390
Tower Cooler Diet 3D 20i₹8,290
Diet 3D 12i Room Air Cooler
Diet 22T Tower Air Cooler₹7,999
Tower Cooler Diet 22i₹6,599
Diet 12T Personal Cooler₹5,355
Tower Cooler Diet 12i for Compact Rooms₹7,900
Diet 8i Air Cooler₹7,202
Ice Cube 17 XL Room Air Cooler₹7,100
Ice Cube 17i Cooler₹5,850
Symphony Harvy Personal Air Cooler
Room Cooler Symphony Harvy i

Commercial Air Coolers

If you are looking for a cooler for commercial purposes, then Symphony commercial air coolers work efficiently in large places such as offices, factories, and other workspaces. You can use these coolers to keep your employees cool and the environment comfortable.

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Cooler ListPrice
Movicool L 65-S Large Space Cooler17,000
Commercial Cooler Movicool L 12519,990
Large Space Cooler Movicool L 200i22,991
Movicool Cooler DD 12526.990
Movicool XL 100 Commercial Air Cooler35,800
Commercial Cooler Movicool XL 200 for Large Space38,800

Symphony Company Profile

Symphony Limited is India’s most renowned air cooler manufacturing company. Established in 1988, the company sells its products in more than 60 countries. Symphony is known for its innovative air cooling solutions; its products are designed to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. To meet the demands of customers, the company offers a wide range of coolers for applications at home, office, and industrial use. It has also received numerous awards and claims to continue meeting the demands of customers in the years to come.

If you are looking for air cooling solutions for your home, office, or other places, you can purchase domestic, industrial, and commercial air coolers, as well as accessories online through Symphony’s official website,


What is the Symphony air cooler customer care number?

You can Register & Track a Complaint: at +919510976161.

Are Symphony air coolers good?

Symphony has received positive reviews from many customers. Symphony is a well-known brand in the cooler industry offering a wide range of products with distinct features and cooling capabilities using the latest technologies.

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