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Hello friends, today I am going to share Tata Pravesh Door Price List 2023 PDF with all of you. Because whenever you think of building a house, you want a good quality door in it. Because the first impression of going into the house is the door itself. If the door is of good quality, it looks quite beautiful. Today we are going to tell you the price list of Tata Pravesh Door because often we see that we do not get to see the price list of Tata Door anywhere. If you want to download the Complete Price List PDF, then click on the link given below.

Tata company is at the top in making Pravesh Doors because this company makes very good quality Pravesh Doors, this company has become so famous that whenever you ask any person to buy Pravesh Doors, that person Suggests you buy Tata Pravesh Door. It provides you with good quality, strong, and premium finish quality. Being Steel Build, Tata Pravesh Door Termites are Resistant as well as Fire Resistant. This is the reason why customers trust this company more. Whatever the weather, these Pravesh Doors provide you with the best quality.

This company claims that its doors can withstand any weather up to 7 times that of a regular wooden door. Apart from this, this company saves more and more trees. If you are thinking of getting the doors, then this decision of yours is going to be very good. Tata Pravesh Door Price List 2023 PDF is being given to you at the bottom of this article.

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Residential Doors

Embossed Wood Finish Doors (Pearl Doors)₹ 20,000
Plain Wood Finish Doors (Coral Doors)₹ 20,000
Plain Steel Finish Doors (Oyster Doors)₹ 25,000
Fly Mesh Doors₹ 20,000
Modern Designer Doors (Unique Wood Finish, Reflections -Natura Series)₹ 20,000
Double Leaf Doors₹ 20,000

Commercial Doors

Vision Panel Doors₹ 20,000
Louver Doors₹ 25,000
Full Glass Doors₹ 20,000
Fire Rated Doors₹ 20,000
Shaft Duct Doors₹ 20,000

When choosing a door or a window, it is vital to select one that is not only sturdy but also withstands wear and tear, over time. This includes damage caused due to natural elements like the sun, water, and termites, along with man-made damage.

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