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Download Free HD PDF of Telugu Calendar 2023 (తెలుగు క్యాలెండర్ ౨౦౨౩) Telugu Panchangam For 2023 New Year Latest Updated Recently on site

In India, the Telugu calendar 2023 is used in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The Telugu language is mainly used in these states. That’s why the people of these states use the Telugu తెలుగు పంచాంగం calendar the most.

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Because in this calendar you get all kinds of information. Which is necessary for local festivals. It allows you to view maasam, kalam, Ritu, vaaram, thithi and nakshatram, yogam, karanam.

it is the traditional lunisolar calendar popular in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Because of the Telugu Language. this calendar year starts with Chaitram month and follows the amanta system where months are calculated from amavasya to amavasya.

That’s why this calendar becomes the most special. In this calendar, you get information about festivals and holidays as well as all kinds of other important information.

Apart from this, you also get information related to prediction and information about your zodiac sign. Therefore this calendar is used the most in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

This is also one of the reasons for its popularity. Because simple language has been used in it and the calendar has been prepared according to Telugu months.

Telugu Months Names


Telugu Festivals List 2023

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January 2023Festivals
2 MondayPausha Putrada Ekadashi
4 WednesdayPradosh Vrat (S)
6 FridayPaush Purnima Vrat
10 TuesdaySankashti Chaturthi
15 SundayPongal, Uttarayan, Makar Sankranti
18 WednesdayShattila Ekadashi
19 ThursdayPradosh Vrat (K)
20 FridayMasik Shivaratri
21 SaturdayPaush Amavasya
26 ThursdayBasant Panchmi, Saraswati Puja
February 2023Festivals
1 WednesdayJaya / Bhami Ekadashi
2 ThursdayPradosh Vrat (S)
5 SundayMagha Purnima Vrat
9 ThursdaySankashti Chaturthi
13 MondayKumbha Sankranti
16 ThursdayVijaya Ekadashi
18 SaturdayMahashivratri, Pradosh Vrat (K), Masik Shivaratri
20 MondayMagha Amavasya
March 2023Festivals
3 FridayAmalaki Ekadashi
4 SaturdayPradosh Vrat (S)
7 TuesdayHolika Dahan, Phalguna Purnima Vrat
8 WednesdayHoli
11 SaturdaySankashti Chaturthi
15 WednesdayMeena Sankranti
18 SaturdayPapmochani Ekadashi
19 SundayPradosh Vrat (K)
20 MondayMasik Shivaratri
21 TuesdayPhalguna Amavasya
22 WednesdayChaitra Navratri, Ugadi, Ghatasthapana, Gudi Padwa
23 ThursdayCheti Chand
30 ThursdayRam Navami
31 FridayChaitra Navratri Parana
April 2023Festivals
1 SaturdayKamada Ekadashi
3 MondayPradosh Vrat (S)
6 ThursdayHanuman jayanti, Chaitra Purnima Vrat
9 SundaySankashti Chaturthi
14 FridayMesha Sankranti
16 SundayVaruthini Ekadashi
17 MondayPradosh Vrat (K)
18 TuesdayMasik Shivaratri
20 ThursdayChaitra Amavasya
22 SaturdayAkshaya Tritiya
May 2023Festivals
1 MondayMohini Ekadashi
3 WednesdayPradosh Vrat (S)
5 FridayVaishakha Purnima Vrat
8 MondaySankashti Chaturthi
15 MondayApara Ekadashi, Vrishabha Sankranti
17 WednesdayMasik Shivaratri, Pradosh Vrat (K)
19 FridayVaishakha Amavasya
31 WednesdayNirjala Ekadashi
June 2023Festivals
1 ThursdayPradosh Vrat (S)
4 SundayJyeshtha Purnima Vrat
7 WednesdaySankashti Chaturthi
14 WednesdayYogini Ekadashi
15 ThursdayPradosh Vrat (K), Mithuna Sankranti
16 FridayMasik Shivaratri
18 SundayJyeshtha Amavasya
20 TuesdayJagannath Rath Yatra
29 ThursdayDeva Shayani Ekadashi, Ashadhi Ekadashi
July 2023Festivals
1 SaturdayPradosh Vrat (S)
3 MondayGuru Purnima, Ashadha Purnima Vrat
6 ThursdaySankashti Chaturthi
13 ThursdayKamika Ekadashi
14 FridayPradosh Vrat (K)
15 SaturdayMasik Shivaratri
16 SundayKarka Sankranti
17 MondayAshadha Amavasya
29 SaturdayPadmini Ekadashi
30 SundayPradosh Vrat (S)

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