Thakur Prasad Calendar 2022 PDF | ठाकुर प्रसाद कैलेंडर

Download Thakur Prasad Calendar 2022 (ठाकुर प्रसाद कैलेंडर 2022 PDF Free)

Hello friends, today I am going to share Thakur Prasad Calendar 2022 with you which you can download from the link given below. this Panchang is a very famous calendar which finds its place in every house in India.

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Today’s era has become very digital, for which it becomes very important to have this in your phone itself. That is why we have brought Thakur Prasad Calendar 2022 for all of you.

The demand for this कैलेंडर is increasing day by day in the market because people like to read this very much, in this you get all the information in simple words, any person can read it easily.

for many people in India, this Calendar is the most famous, people read this Panchang the most.

because in this you not only get information about festivals related to Hinduism but also information about all types of religions, that’s why this is popular with all people.

Now let us tell you what information you get in this –

  • You get information about the dates of all types of festivals.
  • In this, you get information about the age of Hinduism from the Vikrami era, the Islamic Hijri sun, the Shaka era, the Bengali era, the Fasli year and the Nepali era.
  • In this calendar, you get information about fasting in 2022, famous festivals, auspicious time, sunset and sunrise time, your horoscope, all information about zodiac signs, predictions and planetary views.
  • Apart from this, information according to Hindu months and information according to English months is available now.
  • Within this Panchang, you will be told all the information from the five elements (Tithi, Nakshatra, Karana, Yoga, Festival, Tithi, Vara, Paksha, Karana, Yoga and Vara).
  • About 12 zodiac signs and their predictions are told.
  • It also gives celestial predictions for all the days of every month.
  • Along with this, you are also told about the bullish recession in the market.

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