Tusharanshu Sharma Sociology Notes (AIR-75/CSE-2014)

If you are looking for Sociology Notes for UPSC Mains Exam then below we have shared with you two booklets which are Sociology printed notes in form compiled by UPSC Topper IFS Tusharanshu Sharma in 2014.

Tusharanshu has done his graduation in Economics Commerce from SD College Chandigarh. And then completed his MBA from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Delhi. He was also selected for the Student Exchange Program at the School of Economics Helsinki.

Tusharanshu wiki

NameTusharanshu Sharma
Rank 75
Roll No.526494
Total attempts in CSE (including this one)2
Optional SubjectSociology
Schooling MediumEnglish
College mediumEnglish
Medium chosen for Mains answersEnglish
Medium chosen for InterviewEnglish
Home town/cityChandigarh
Work-experience1.5 years

There are two papers of Sociology in the UPSC civil services main examination, Optional Paper I and Paper II.

Sociology is one such subject which also help in gs2 and gs3 and essay in mains exam and its syllabus is focused on nature, society and contemporary issues.

If you have good interest in this, then you can score good marks in the paper. The optional paper in UPSC is of 250 marks, in which Paper 1 and Paper 2 together are of 500 marks. Sociology is a popular subject among UPSC aspirants which is chosen as an optional subject by many students every year. And it helps an IAS officer to deal with aspects of society so it is very important for an IAS officer to have knowledge of this subject.

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Tusharanshu Sharma Sociology Notes are easy to understand because language is very simple and easy. If you want to prepare for upsc and you are not able to join any repotate coaching institute due to lack of resources then these notes are an option for you to start your mains exam.

Rise of Sociology

  • Rooted in the drastic changes seen in Europe in 18th century which brought out stark differences between society of past and society of present.
  • Positive and upheld reason; believed perfect society was possible.
  • All intellectual fields profoundly shaped by social settings social settings became subject matter of sociology.
  • 3 intellectual influences: post enlightenment philosophy of history + Biological theory of evolution + surveys of social conditions.
  • Social Life’s study social behaviour (in presence of others + awareness of this presence) social action (meaningful act) and basic units of social interaction (interconnected chain of reciprocal actions) shaped by culture, status, norms, institutions, cooperation & conflict, social control etc Deviance (from expected roles), Relations (born out of role expectations), groups (defined by relations and common goal) and social changes.


  • Sociology as a discipline
  • Sociology as science
  • Research Methods and Analysis
  • Sociological Thinkers
  • Stratification and Mobility
  • Works and Economic Life
  • Politics and Society
  • Religion and Society
  • Systems of Kinship
  • Social Change in Modern Society
  • Perspective on the study of indian society
  • Impact of colonial rule on Indian society
  • Rural and Agrarian Social Structure
  • Caste System
  • Tribal communities in India
  • Social classes in India
  • Kinship system in India

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