[Download] UPSC Chemistry Optional Notes PDF

Download Free Handwritten UPSC Chemistry Optional Notes PDF for Civil Services Optional Paper

Hello, aspirants welcome to another post in this post I’m going to share with you UPSC Chemistry Optional Notes PDF these are handwritten notes on chemistry subjects if you want to download these best-handwritten notes chemistry so you can download easily notes from the given link below.

the best thing is that this contains UPSC optional solved question in the part of notes I hope you would like this.

A guide to mechanism in organic chemistry (Peter Sykes) – Get Book Here

Environmental chemistry and pollution (S.S. Dara)

organic chemistry – Bahl & Ba

physical chemistry (Vol. – IV) – K.L. Kapoor

Advance physical chemistry – Gurdeep Raj

Advance physical chemistry – Gurdeep Raj

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry – J.D. Lee

An advance inorganic chemistry – J.D. Lee

Extradition of metals, Principle of inorganic chemistry – Puri, Sharma, Jauhar.

Organic Chemistry Reactions and reagents – O.P. Agarwal

Principle of physical chemistry – Puri, Sharma & Pathway

Principles of Physical Chemistry – Puri, Sharma & Pathway

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