UPSC Maths Optional Test Series 2024 PDF

If your optional is Mathematics in UPSC CSE/IFos, then UPSC Maths Optional Test Series 2024 pdf will definitely help you in the mains exam. We have provided below some math tests which you can download for self-preparation.

If you have graduated in Mathematics then you can add Mathematics as your optional subject in the main examination of UPSC Civil Services Examination, as it is a very scoring subject in the optional subject category. To get more marks in this subject, you have to practice more and more.

If a UPSC aspirant wants to choose Mathematics as an option, then it is very important for the candidate to have a genuine interest in Mathematics.

IMS Upsc Optional Math Tests

Year 2022

Topic wise

Year 2021

Test 1-18

Year 2020

Test 1-18

Topic Wise Test

Year 2019

Test [1-18]

Year 2018

1-18 Test

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Practice, Practice and Practice. The key to success in maths is filling up as many notebooks as you can, during the preparation stage. The more you sweat during preparation the less you will bleed in the battlefield!
  2. Don’t read Maths book / notes like GS. It is a recipe for disaster. Rather always study with pen, paper and calculator.
  3. While solving examples don’t jump to see solution first. Try giving your best shot and after making sure that you are not able to solve it using your present knowledge then only look at the answer. This will ensure that better retention.
  4. Generally we make lots of silly mistakes while solving a question. It is best to catch these errors early and not repeat them in exam hall. The best strategy for this is to maintain a notebook of errors that you Irrespective of whether you are very happy or deeply unsatisfied about paper 1, try to forget about it and stay calm for paper 2.
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Why Upsc Test Series is Important?

upsc test series serves as an important self-assessment tool for all those aspirants. who want to successfully crack UPSC exam and join civil services. That’s why test series is very important for all those aspirants.

Test series plays an important role in the UPSC exam. Which makes the candidate realize his weaknesses. Because any candidate who wants to crack the UPSC exam should never ignore his weaknesses.

Why Maths?

Simply because it is the best-performing optional subject in UPSC/IAS. Extremely high scoring: If you get your maths optional right then you will make it to the final list.

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