UPSC Prelims Previous Year Question Papers

Download UPSC Prelims Previous Year Question Papers 2011-2020 Direct downloading link is given year wise you all can get all the question paper below. Last 10 Year Previous Year Question Paper, upsc prelims previous year question papers.

Paper/YearDownload Link
GS 1 2020Click Here
GS 1 2019Click Here
GS 1 2018Click Here
GS 1 2017Click Here
GS 1 2016Click Here
GS 1 2015Click Here
GS 1 2014Click Here
GS 1 2013Click Here
GS 1 2012Click Here
GS 1 2011Click Here
Paper/YearDownload Link
GS 2 (CSAT) 2020Click Here
GS 2 (CSAT) 2019Click Here
GS 2 (CSAT) 2018Click Here
GS 2 (CSAT) 2017Click Here
GS 2 (CSAT) 2016Click Here
GS 2 (CSAT) 2015Click Here
GS 2 (CSAT) 2014Click Here
GS 2 (CSAT) 2013Click Here
GS 2 (CSAT) 2012Click Here
GS 2 (CSAT) 2011Click Here

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