IAS Mehak Jain Notes and Strategy For UPSC [AIR-17 CSE 2021]

Hello friends, today through this post we are going to share with you Mehak Jain complete Notes PDF (public administration, essay, ethics, world history, EVS, IR, case study, etc) If you are preparing for UPSC Civil Services then these notes are extremely advantageous for you.

Mehak Jain hails from Haryana, she secured AIR-17th rank in UPSC CSE in 2021, it was her third attempt in CSE. she selected Public Administration in UPSC as her optional subject because she had studied it for her master’s. she failed in her first two attempts at prelims but cleared CSAT in all my attempts.

UPSC Strategy and Resources

GS 2 Strategy

  • The strategy for all papers remains as simple and straight as ever – prepare all the keywords from the syllabus (eg comparison with constitutions of the world), some readymade content for repeated questions (working of commissions), current affairs from Mains 365/any other compilation (exact question on women in the judiciary) and have some ‘sprinklers’ (quotes, data, phrases) to spice up your answers.
  • And you know by now, Previous year papers are an absolute must, so get going!

GS 3 Strategy

Prepare notes on keywords of the syllabus, value addition in terms of data, facts, and diagrams. 


  • Mrunal Sir’s notes for Economics (2019 edition, read once, highlighted them and never updated them thereafter, used them mainly for static portion)
  • Indian Agriculture – mostly from QEP handouts (ordered online, not a part of the programme)
  • Science and Technology + Environment – Mains 365 and google search for other topics mentioned in the syllabus but not directly covered in Mains 365.
  • Disaster Management – made a list of disasters and prepared short notes + diagrams on each of them. 
  • Referred to IGNOU material for some basics and policy related aspects (as a part of Public Administration optional, can skip for GS)
  • Internal Security – Read a book by Ashok Kumar + value addition from Mains 365
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GS 4 Ethics Strategy

Ethics (and Essay) was my favorite part in the Mains preparation.  There are no fixed rules, not much factual stuff to remember and it gives you enough scope to be creative and candid. 

I had kept a separate notebook for ethics, divided into 4 parts – one for quotes/phrases that i came across, second for the keywords mentioned in the syllabus, third for case studies from the newspaper (eg – fire incidents, air pollution, resignation of civil servants, extra judicial killings etc.) and another one for examples. I didn’t actively search for them, just kept on adding stuff as and when i came across them while reading the newspaper. After a year, i had a rich repository of my own. To this, i also added some diagrams from toppers notes (Shubham Kumar and others).

For section A, i referred to Forum IAS red book. Used to google the keywords if i was not satisfied with the content. Can also try looking at the ‘images’ section for some diagrams on the syllabus topics. 

Current Affairs Strategy

Sources – Newspaper (daily – The Hindu), Monthly magazine (Vision), and Yearly compilation (Rau’s Compass for Prelims and Vision’s Mains 365 for Mains)

Notes Making

  1. Newspaper
    • Did not make any notes from editorials/other articles.
    • Noted down anecdotes/introductions for essay, if I came across any
    • Collected examples for ethics (section A)
  1. Monthly Magazine – read it in 2-3 days (2hrs each day)
    • made no notes out of it for prelims
    • used to write any case study/examples/diagrams in my static notes for Mains (only in 3rd attempt)
  • Yearly Compilation – used to note down some pointers for Prelims, no dedicated, full-fledged notes as such (just a few things that I considered important and I was likely to forget)
    • made notes of some most expected topics from Mains 365 (like UCC, OSOWOG, ESZs, etc.)
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Coaching & Institute

  • GS Foundation course – Chanakya IAS Academy 
  • Public Administration Foundation course – Synergy IAS
  • (Experience with both was lukewarm, they did help to get familiar with the basic syllabus though)

Test Series

  • GS – ForumIAS MGP 2021 (12 tests, after Prelims 2021)
  • Essay – KalamIAS (3 tests after Prelims 2021) + also discussed a few ethics answers with Peeyush Sir. 
  • Public Administration – Lukmaan IAS – A comprehensive test series before Prelims 2020, but couldn’t qualify Prelims that year 🙁 + A mini full-length test series after Prelims 2021 (4 FLTs)

Mehak Jain Marksheet

Mehak Jain Marksheet

Mehak Jain Complete Notes

Public Administration Notes

Essay PDF


Internal Security & Disaster Management

Indian Agri, Eco, Environment

Science and Tech

International Relations

International Organisation


Modern History

Indian Society

Art and Culture

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