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The state of Uttar Pradesh has seen a reduction in the prices of liquor, beer and this year because the Uttar Pradesh government under the leadership of Honourable Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has taken big decisions in which the prices have been reduced.

Because the honorable Yogi government has started an initiative to increase the Indian revenue further and in view of the people who drink alcohol honestly and pay the tax to the government in full, the government has taken this decision.

Language English
Liquor typesDesi Daru, whiskey, vodka, wine, brandy, rum, beer, champagne
GovernmentUP Government

Apart from this on behalf of the state government, Many types of new guidelines have been issued under which any person can keep 4 bottles of 750ml English and Indian Liquor with him. If that person keeps more bottles than this, then he must have a license.

Apart from this, if a person wants to make a bar at home, then that person cannot keep more than 72 bottles with him. Although the government has said that these guidelines have been made for the convenience of everyone and not to harass anyone. The government has estimated that the revenue is going to increase more in this year 2023 and has estimated more than 35000 crores this year.

Along with this, the customers have been warned to the customers that they should buy all at the maximum retail price only. If any person is selling at a price higher than MRP, then please do not buy liquor from that person and complain about it. The price list of all (Desi Daru, whiskey, vodka, wine, brandy, rum, beer, champagne) has been issued by the government, which you can download from the link given below.

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UP Rates and Duty in Liquor 2022-2023

S NHeadDescriptionRates
a)5% v/v28.46/Litre
b)8% v/v49.23/Litre
2IMFLThe bottle is of 750 ml
iProduction Cost upto Rs 25 / BottleRs 157/BL
iiProduction cost between Rs 25 to 32/ BottleRs 170/BL
iiiProduction cost between Rs 32 to 44 / BottleRs 191/BL
ivProduction cost between Rs 44 to 54/ BottleRs 201/BL
vProduction cost between Rs 54 to 68 / BottleRs 221/BL
viProduction cost between Rs 68 to 84 / BottleRs 297/BL

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