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Hello, Today I’m going to share with you V Guard Solar Water Heater Price List.

V-Guard company was first established in 1977. At that time, Mr. Kochusaf Chittilapilli set out to build a strong brand of his own in the Indian electronic market.

With a small construction unit for voltage stabilizers, a vision, and a strong make-do trust, in addition to a capital of INR 100,000, which he borrowed from his father and two workers to assist him, he prepared to fulfill his dream.

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Rate List Catalogue

  • Win-hot Za Series
  • Win-hot Eco Series
  • Win-hot Eco Aux Series
  • Win-hot Plus Series
  • Win-hot Plus H Series
  • V Hot Non-pressurized Series
  • Ssal Commercial Series
  • V Hot Pressurized Series
  • V Hot Commercial Series
V Guard Solar Water Heater₹ 21,000
10 15 X 1800 Mm V Guard Solar Water Heater₹ 13,000
V Guard Solar Water Heater, Capacity: 100 LPD₹ 15,000
58*1800 And 58*2100. V Guard Solar Water Heater₹ 16,000
win hot, v hot 100 Liters V-Guard Solar Water, Heater₹ 21,000
V-Guard Solar Water Heater, Capacity: 150 LPD₹ 17,775
6-10L2 people per bathroom
15L1 – 2 people per bathroom in a cold climatic location
15L or more3 – 4 people per bathroom
25L3 – 4 people per bathroom in a cold climatic location
35L or moreMore than 4 people, bathtubs
Instant water heaterKitchen, mild hot water requirement

Your daily water requirement is one of the main factors that should decide the capacity of your water heater. Given below is a rough idea of the capacities required for average use. Please note that this is indicative as capacities vary according to water usage patterns, inlet water temperature, and weather conditions.

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