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Download Free Upsc Civil services Vajiram and Ravi Essay Notes PDF For Upsc Mains Essay Paper (Updated Book).

As you all know Essay paper in UPSC Mains exam gives maximum freedom to every single civil servant aspirant to demonstrate creative, analysis and understanding of complex subjects. It does not indicate word limit in the General Studies paper.

But it is not as easy as it looks, because there are many challenges in it. Most candidates do not have their own views, but the challenge is to keep the entire writing in line with the subject. The second aspect is about brainstorming on the subject with a view to opening up various parts and confirming the whole with relevant facts and examples, interesting anecdotes and ideas. An attempt should also be made to present alternatives to the view presented or suggestions so make the write up comprehensive, cohesive and innovative. The entire focus should be on making the entire write up always stick to the topic of the essay.

What is Essay

An essay is a “formal, analytical and creative piece of writing, dealing with a single theme”. It is a written conversation giving a clear and concise expression to one’s own personal ideas or opinions on a given topic.

Why focus on the Essay Paper?

The significance of the essay paper for the civil services aspirants can be gauged from the fact that it has been assigned compulsory status by the UPSC and designated as Paper I.

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From the selection point of view, the essay paper of 250 marks consists of enough weightage to determine the final outcome/selection and ranking of the candidates.

Average marks in an essay paper is in the range of 115-125 out of 250 marks (and highest being 176 marks) whereas in General Studies the average range is 95-100 marks.

The attempt in this Essay Notes by Vajiram and Ravi is to provide necessary tools for students appearing for UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam in 2023. Various essays have been provided for reference to students to understand the art of essay writing.

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