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Download Free Upsc Civil services General Studies Vajiram and Ravi Modern India History Notes PDF For Prelims & Upsc Mains GS Paper-1 (Updated Book).

The first step in mastering modern Indian history is to properly understand the structure. The key is to learn history like a story – stressing important events in the timeline. For this, I have developed a 6-parts framework that is roughly based on the timeline of Indian History. Once the chronology of the major events is studied, learning history is quite easy.

We are living in modern times. The modern term refers to a separation from the feudal past and the emergence of new values in society, leading to the establishment of a new form of places. Which has changed the way of governing and being governed. These values ​​created a new kind of market economy supported by developments in science and technology. Industrial development, a product of modern thought, creates the need to discover new areas to colonize in order to create a market for finished goods. But, the process of occupation and subjugation separated, it made the process of oppression and subjugation more humane.

So, the idea of modern, which came as a liberating idea for Europe, became the source or expioltation and repression in the pre-modern’ world. (India being pre-modern during enlightenment phase experienced the dark face of modernity during British rule.


  • European penetration into India
  • India in the 18th century
  • constitutional and various administrative arrangements made under British rule
  • uneconomic British rule in India
  • land revenue policies and impoverishment of of peasantry
  • Deindustrialization foreign capital and modern industries
  • popular residence before 1857
  • The revolt of 1857
  • popular residence post 1857
  • cultural awakening social and religious Reform movement
  • the story of Indian nationalism
  • Indian National Congress
  • Hindu revivalism And its influence of Indian nationalism
  • the rise of Extremism
  • The Swadeshi movement and Surat split
  • the carrot of Limited self government 1909-19
  • The arrival of Mahatma
  • Gandhian experiment with mass moment (i) 
  • Preparation of civil disobedience
  • Gandhian experiment with mass movement (ii)
  • World War 2 and freedom struggle
  • run up of freedom
  • Revolutionary terrorism
  • Communalism
  • Communist Party of India and Indian National Movement
  • Indian capitalist and the National Movement
  • women and Indian National Movement
  • non Brahmin and dalit movement
  • the Indian state and the struggle for independence
  • the evolution of national foreign policy
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About the Book

This Modern India History notes by Vajiram and Ravi is divided into three parts to understand the modern phase of Indian history. It focuses on three themes the conquest of Indian land by European powers, the rise of nationalism and various strands of development in the country during the British rule.

Therefore, the book is written in the changes in society. such a way that one can understand the conceptual underpinnings of ideological and theoretical orientations It will help in writing UPSC Main answers, which focuses more on philosophical, ideological and theoretical orientations of historical events and moments. All chapters have practice questions to gauge the conceptual understanding of students.

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