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Today we have brought for you all Vision IAS World History Notes PDF Free Download [Printed Study Material] this pdf is best for UPSC Exam if you are one of those who are preparing for the UPSC CSE exam seriously then you must download it from the given link below. because it is important from the exam point of view.

World history or global history as a field of historical study examines history from a global perspective. It emerged centuries ago leading practitioners have included Voltaire, Hegel, and Arnold J. Toynbee. The field became much more active in the late 20th century.

The UPSC has mentioned the world history syllabus very briefly. Therefore, most of the questions in the main examination seem to be asked from outside the syllabus.

Understanding the events before the 18th century is important to understand the later

  • developments. The dawn of the 18th Century was characterized by:
  • End of Feudalism in England (Feudalism ended much later in the rest of Europe).
  • Increase in the number of towns and cities.
  • Increase in trade.
  • Transition to a money-based economy from a land-based economy of Feudalism.
  • Rise of Merchant classes and Absolute Monarchs (*England had Democracy and after the
  • Glorious Revolution of 1688, there was the supremacy of Parliament instead of Monarchy).
  • Decline in the power of the Catholic Church.
  • Mercantile Capitalism.
  • British-French rivalry at its zenith.
Vision IAS World History Notes PDF

World History Content

Vision IAS World History Notes pdf contains the following topic which is very essential for everyone who is preparing for CSE.

  • Feudalism, Church, Change, Modern Era, Glorious Revolution
  • American Revolution
  • French Revolution and Rise of Napoleon
  • Nationalism: Rise and Impact
  • Unification of Germany and Italy
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Colonialism (Africa, Pacific, Central, and West Asia, China) and Imperialism (Japan and US)
  • World War 1 and Preceding Events
  • Impact of World War 1 and the League of Nations
  • Events from 1919 – 1939
  • World War 2 and its Impact
  • Different Socio-Economic Systems: Russia, India, China
  • Italy: Rise of Mussolini and Fascist
  • Germany and the Rise of Hitler
  • Nazism and Fascism
  • Cold War
  • Europe after 1945 and Decolonisation
  • NAM
  • South Africa Apartheid
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