30+ Vrindavan Dharamshala List With Price

Vrindavan is a holy and religious city in India, revered by Hindus as the place where Lord Shri Krishna spent his childhood and performed many divine pastimes. As a result, many people from different parts of the world visit this sacred place every day to Visit Lord Shri Krishna.

Vrindavan is home to numerous temples and pilgrimage sites that attract visitors from all over India and the world. For those seeking a comfortable and peaceful stay in this holy city, there are many Dharamshalas (Guest House) in Vrindavan that offer basic amenities and a tranquil environment. If you are planning to visit Vrindavan and looking for a comfortable Dharamshala to stay, we have compiled a list of 30+ Vrindavan Dharamshalas with prices to suit your budget. You can choose a suitable Dharamshala for your stay based on your preferences and budget.

List of 30+ Vrindavan Dharamshalas with Prices

Hotel NameLocationPrice / Per Room Per Night
Shree Radha Damodar DhamChatikara Road, VrindavanINR 800
Dev Palace Atithi BhawanChaitanya Vihar Ph II, VrindavanINR 700
Shri Meena DharamshalaChatikara Road, VrindavanINR 500
Maharaja Agrsen BhawanParikrama Marg, VrindavanINR 500
Shri Krishna Sudama DhamRaman Reti Road, VrindavanINR 400
Shri Japakar Seva SadanTehra Road, VrindavanINR 50
Shri Sukhdev DhamGoverdhan Mathura Highway, VrindavanINR 500
Rajput Sewa SadanGoverdhan Mathura Highway, VrindavanINR 700
Jaipuriya BhawanNear Banke Bihari Temple, VrindavanINR 600
Bharadwaj Seva SadanGoverdhan Mathura Highway, VrindavanINR 800
Hotel NameLocationPrice / Per Room Per Night
Prem Seva SansthanGoverdhan, VrindavanINR 500
Ram Narayan DharamshalaGoverdhan, VrindavanINR 500
Saini Seva SadanGoverdhan, VrindavanINR 400
Shri Giriraj NiwasGoverdhan, VrindavanINR 600
Shri Ram DharamshalaNear Banke Bihari Temple, VrindavanINR 400
Sindhi DharamshalaBanke Bihari Temple Road, VrindavanINR 500
Ram Krishna BhawanNear ISKCON Temple, VrindavanINR 600
Mor Athithi BhawanBanke Bihari Temple Road, VrindavanINR 600
Giriraj Kripa Atithi BhawanHari Nikunj Chauraha, VrindavanINR 500
Rathi Atithi BhawanRaman Reti Road, VrindavanINR 800
Hotel NameLocationPrice / Per Room Per Night
Yog Maya DhamRaman Reti, VrindavanINR 600
Shri Krishna Chaya DhamChaitanya Vihar Ph II, VrindavanINR 800
New Rajput Sewa SadanGoverdhan, VrindavanINR 600
Kripa DhamChatikara Road, VrindavanINR 600
Jamuna BhawanBanke Bihari Colony, VrindavanINR 500
Shri Mudgal Rishi DhamBanke Bihari Temple Road, VrindavanINR 400
Shanti Seva SadanChaitanya Vihar Ph II, VrindavanINR 800
Sheetal Chaya DharamshalaChatikara Road, VrindavanINR 600
Ram Shyam DharamshalaChatikara Road, VrindavanINR 1,500
Harmilap Prem NiketanBanke Bihari Temple Road, VrindavanINR 600
Akhil Bharti Maheshwari Sewa SadanMahesh Marg, VrindavanINR 800

How to Select the Right Dharamshala in Vrindavan

Choosing a good Dharamshala is very important in Vrindavan. Below are some tips to choose a good Dharamshala –

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Cleanliness: Cleanliness is very important, make sure that your Dharamshala is neat and clean. Must read the reviews of previous visitors before booking.

Location: Look for such a Dharamshala which is near to the main temples and pilgrimage centers of Vrindavan which is very important for your convenience. And if you choose far away from Dharamshalas then you will have to spend more for booking the vehicle.

Features and value: The higher the value, the more features you get. If your budget is very low, you may get fewer facilities, so it’s important to check the amenities before booking, such as the room itself, 24-hour water availability, Wi-Fi, and a geyser for hot water.

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