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Vyankatesh Stotra (श्रीव्यंकटेश स्तोत्र) Lyrics PDF in Marathi Download

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Lord Vishnu is known as Shri Vyankatesh in many regions of India. This stotra originated during the discussion between Lord Brahma and Narada.

Many names of Shri Vyankatesh Ji have been described in this stotra, and each name has its own special significance. Anyway, Lord Vishnu has been given the highest place in Hinduism.

It is said that the person who recites this Stotram with full devotion, wealth always remains in his life, and his whole life is filled with happiness.

Benefits of Reciting Stotra (श्रीव्यंकटेश स्तोत्रम्)

  • This stotra contains the holy names of Lord Vyankatesh, that is why if you chant all these names, then the blessings of Vyankatesh will always be on you.
  • By chanting these mantras, the devotee gets proper results.
  • By this stotra all your sins are removed.
  • The devotee who does not have a son/daughter gets the solution of the problem. One who does not have money becomes rich, the devotee suffering from disease gets cured.
  • With this, every wish of all the devotees is fulfilled.
  • After the end of life, the devotee who chants the stotra goes to Vaikunth Lok.

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