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There are some such question words in English Grammar, with the help of which you ask different types of questions. Because these question words start with WH. That’s why they are called Wh Questions. If you want to download what, when, where, who, whom, which, whose, why, and how with an example PDF, click on the link given below.

All Wh Question Words

Question WordsUsed For
When (कब)to ask about the time
What (क्या)to ask about things, information
Where (कहाँ)to ask about places, positions, location
Who (कौन)to ask about people, the person (subject)
Whose(किसका/ किसकी)to ask about possession, ownership
Whom (किसको)to ask about people (object)
Why (क्यों)to ask about reasons/ causes
Which (कौन-सा)to ask about choices
How (कैसे)Used to ask about the manner, process, condition & quality
How much (कितना)asking about quantity (uncountable nouns)
How many (कितने)Asking about quantity (countable Noun)
How long (कितना समय)to ask about the length (time)
How far (कितनी दूर)asking about distance
How often (कितनी बार)to ask about the frequency

Wh Questions Examples With Answers PDF Download


When will you go to meet the prime minister?
I will go to meet the Prime Minister tomorrow.


What do you think I should do?
According to me, you should do whatever you want.


Where did you put my jacket?
Your jacket is kept near the cupboard.


Who was shouting the day before yesterday?
You should ask your friends.

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Whose stuff is this?
This item is not mine.


Whom should I go with?
I think you should go alone.


Why don’t you want the Pakistani team to win in the final?
Because our relations with that country are not good.


Which is your favorite sports car?
Although I like all sports cars, Bugatti is my favorite.


How was your exam?
My exam went well.

How much

How much water is there in the glass?
You see yourself.

How long

How long is your vacation?
Till December.

How Far

How far is Rishikesh to Dehradun?
According to me, it is 40 km away.

How often

How often do you go to Delhi?
I went to Delhi once to meet the Chief Minister.

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