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Work Experience Letter is a formal document through which an employee’s work experience with the organization is known. Whenever an employee leaves the organization, the employer gives this letter to their employee. Therefore, through this article, we are going to share the Work Experience Letter Format PDF with you, which you can download from the link given below the article.

What Information Contains in this Letter?

Work Experience Letter contains information such as Job Role, Your Skills, Job Tenure & Your Character during This Tenure in your company. Which is necessary for you to get a job in any company.

Eligibility For Getting Work Experience Letter

It is not that companies provide Work Experience Letter to all their employees, but to get it, you have to fulfill many types of terms and conditions. Although it completely depends on your company. But in almost all the organizations the below mentioned Criteria have to be followed.

Minimum Working Tenure – Employee will have to work for the company at least for the fixed period. Although it depends on your company.

Good Character – You have to maintain good character throughout the tenure. The character is written about in the letter.

No Violations & Dispute – Violation or Dispute of any kind should not be done by you. If any type of contract is with the organization, then it should not be a Breach.

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Notice Period – Whenever you leave the company, you will have to tell this information to the organization 1 month before that. Notice Period is written in the Joining Letter.

Work Experience Letter Format Template

Date of Issue: [00-00-00]

To Whom It May Concern.

This is to certify that [Employee’s Name] was working with [Organization Name] as [Employee Job Role] in our [Name of the Department] at our [Organization location] for [Tenure] starting from [Joining Date] to [Leaving Date].

[Employee’s Name] is a dedicated worker. he/she carried out all of his obligations and responsibilities in a dignified manner. He/She is constantly up for new challenges. 

He/she has done an exemplary job while working with us and has always maintained professional relations with the [Organization Name] and colleagues.

The decision of moving on is completely his/her own decision.

We wish him/her all the best in his/her future endeavours.



Name of signatory

Designation of the signatory

Contact Details

Work Experience Letter Example 

Date of Issue: 06 August 2022

To whom it may concern.

This is to certify that Bajrang Punia was working with Google Private Limited as Senior Researcher in our AI Department at our Noida location for 5 Years starting from 1st August 2017 to 5th August 2022.

During his tenure with Google Pvt Ltd, we found Bajrang to be honest, hardworking & responsible.

He has done an exemplary job while working with us and has always maintained professional relations with Google Pvt Ltd. and colleagues.

The decision of moving on is completely Bajrang’s own decision.

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We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.



Sundar Pichai

CEO of Google

Contact Details: 

Important Details Should Be Included In Work Experience Letter

  • Name of the Employee
  • Name of Organization
  • Issuing Date
  • Office location
  • Employee Job Role
  • Employee’s Tenure Of Employment
  • Employee’s Character
  • Signature
  • Name of signatory
  • Designation of the signatory
  • Contact details of the signatory

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